Action Shot - Defiance

[Terrain] Micro Art Studio Battlefield Bunkers

Fellblade Project Part 4 - Completion!

Fellblade Project Part 3 - More Paint

Fellblade Project Part 2 - Paint on

Fellblade Project Part 1 - Construction Issues

Emerald Fist Battle Tanks - Complete

Emerald Fist Battle Tanks WIP 3

Emerald Fist Battle Tanks WIP 2

Emerald Fist Battle Tanks WIP 1

[Army List] 1750 Imperial Fists

Emerald Fist Assault Terminators (Thunderhammers) - Done

[Objective Marker] Dead Terminator Conversion

[Emerald Fists] Terminators and Objective WIP

Emerald Fists Tactical Squad 2 Complete

Emerald Fist Tactical Marines WIP

Emerald Fists - Wave Two 1700pts

[Emerald Fists] Chaplain Dreadnought (Ironclad)

Terrorgheist Nurgle Heldrake counts-as Complete.

Action Shot - Raven Guard Strike

Terrorgheist Hell Drake WIP part 2

Action Shot - War of Faith

[Emerald Fists] Havocs / Devastators Painted

[Review] Eclipse Board Game

[Review] Mechanical Warhorse Explosion Markers

[Objective] Emerald Fists Dead Terminator WIP

300th Post! Lysander Painted

Terrorgheist Hell Drake - Counts-as WIP

Emerald Fists Land Raider - Complete (with CHS sponsons).

Emerald Fists - Command Squad Idea - Forgeworld

Emerald Fists - Decimator done

Emerald Fists Land Raider w/ CHS PIP 3

Emerald Fist - Land Raider w/ CHS PIP 2

Emerald Fist Land Raider w/ Chapterhouse PIP

Emerald Fists Caestus Assault Ram - Painted

Emerald Fist Gallery Update

[Counts-as] Hyperios Launchers - Complete

Hyperios Launcher Kitbash PIP

Emerald Fist Chaos Terminators (Nurgle) - Fluff

Emerald Fist Caestus - Sneak Peak

Chaos Hell Blade - Finished

Emerald Fist Tactical Terminators - Reality based Fluff

Forge World and Customs

Plastic Glue and You - Too Much?

Hyperios Missile Turrets - Kitbash

Painting Flames on Miniatures

Good vs Evil - Librarian vs Sorcerer

Emerald Fists Librarian (Sevrin Loth)

Morteus, Emerald Fist Sorcerer of Nurgle

Emerald Fists Nurgle Sorcerer & Librarian WIP