Emerald Fist Battle Tanks WIP 2

Here's the next stage of my tanks.  If you saw the last post you'll notice one of these now has a rhino hatch.  I've painted them up so they can be 3 tanks, but also function as rhinos for the inevitable 3rd company I'm making.  I fought with myself over which parts to do green on the turrets and sponsons and settled on what you see on the left tank.  It gives it a good outline and traces the important parts of the tank; thereby drawing your eye to the weapon housings which identify the vehicle as not a rhino.  When it was just white it looked too washed out.  Anyway until next time!


  1. Love it! The green on the turrets and sponsons is ideal - well chosen, man!

    1. Thanks! It's harder on the larger tanks. I'm a bit confused on what I'm going to do with a storm eagle that I picked up but I'll figure something out...


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