Spartacus Board Game Miniatures Painted

So this one is a bit strange. Back in 2012 I bought the Spartacus board game and painted up the 4 figures that came with it. My friend liked the game so much that he bought it. There seemed little point to me in owning a game my friend had, so I sold my copy. It never occurred to me at the time to trade my painted guys to him for his unpainted ones. Anyway, fast forward 6 years later and we were playing (now he has all of the expansions too) and they heap of grey/white plastic really bothered me. So I asked to borrow his figures so I could paint them up.

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Kingdom Death Bug Patch Terrain

Blood Bowl 7s Pitch

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Kingdom Death Shield bearer painted

Kingdom Death - Shield bearer

Kingdom Death Dragon King Armour Painted

Kingdom Death - Dragon Armour WIP

Emerald Fist Dreadnought

Converted Emerald Fist Librarian Dreadnought

Kingdom Death Box Storage

Kingdom Death Spidicules Baby Spiders Basing