Painting Children's Toys

I haven't posted much lately as my hobby time isn't what it once was, and I've been using my free time mostly to play PC games. However, here's the most recent thing I've painted. Oh how life changes. Firstly, this fisher-price toy house has an annoying electronic sound system that recites songs random songs in English, and then French. There's no way to select a language and each push of a button plays one of a few things somewhat related to the room the button is in. So when pushed, it might play a little song twice (English/French) or flush a toilet. So my kid is pushing the button wondering why the toilet isn't flushing and it's some song about splashing in the bath. Anyway, I gutted the machine and ripped out the speaker. Yes I could have just taken out the batteries, but this way, the button in the kitchen still turns on the light. Wonderful!  I'll paint some of my own toys over the holidays hopefully :)

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