7th Continent - Balloon and Raft Painted

My washes came in the mail so I finished off the last of my 7th continent stuff. I'm a far cry away from doing these curses (I think) but they were fun to paint. I thought I'd be able to disassemble the balloon for storage, but the basket is a very tight fit so I decided to just leave it. It's cool that the figures can fit inside these too. All of those painted characters are here.

7th Continent Miniatures - Painted

Flip-top Tool Stand

Custom Built-in Closet Wardrobe

Ridgid Tablesaw Router Insert

Custom Mitre Saw Stand

Kingdom Death Terrain - Lava Pool

Kingdom Death Dragon King lava base

Kingdom Death Obsidian Tower

Kingdom Death - Star Wars Cross Over (Dead Monster)

Kingdom Death - Dead Monster Terrain WIP2

Kingdom Death - Dead Monster Terrain WIP

Kingdom Death Terrain Storage