Kingdom Death Book Binding Part 4 - complete

I finished my book! So here are the rest of the in progress photos, and some learnings. It turned out alright for my first book I guess, but there are many things I could improve. I assume when Expansions of Death part 2 comes out in wave 4 I will want to bind those too. Well in 2025 we'll see... Once I took the book out of the press, this is the 'book' you have. I toyed with it and it did seem strong and held together, so onward I went!

Kingdom Death Bookbinding Part 3

Kingdom Death Book Binding Part 2

Kingdom Death Bookbinding Part 1

WIP Nerd Desk (Painting/Gaming)

DIY Coffee Table Done

Spartacus Board Game Miniatures Painted

DIY Coffee Table Part 1

Kingdom Death Bug Patch Terrain

Blood Bowl 7s Pitch

Nova Open Charity Raffles - Win stuff for cheap for a good cause!

Kingdom Death Shield bearer painted

Kingdom Death - Shield bearer