Kingdom Death - Black Friday Ninja Painted

Here's my painted black friday ninja. I think to incorporate her into gameplay from time to time (no point painting if she won't hit the table at least once!) I'm going to consider her a leather armoured sword wielder, despite the colour scheme and design not being perfect to the world.

I painted the yellow by applying brown up through wych flesh (off white) and then applying cassandora yellow wash and another yellow highlight after that in a few spots.

Since my understanding of Black Friday as a Canadian is a time when there's a few online sales (taking over for Boxing Day), I decided to base her on money. I painted the coin to match the scheme (usually the outer ring is silver) and conveniently, it fits PERFECTLY in the Kingdom Death 30 mm ring. The armour plates are black, tin bits and a gold drybrush with a brown wash.

I also picked up a large sheet of black poster board/bristol board to use as a backdrop for photos and I played around a bit with using a phone cam…

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