Wedding Gift - Sword

I haven't posted in a long time - real life has eaten most of my spare time up and I haven't hobbied much but I wanted to share this 'craft'. A friend of mine is getting married on the weekend and I found his wedding registry rather uninspired. So while I acknowledge that this may end up hidden on the top shelf of a closet, I know it will be unique and unexpected. I picked up a Cold Steel gladius and without going into tons of detail (there are lots of youtube reviews), it's solid enough to chop 6" trees down (I bought myself one too haha).

I also picked up an engraving tool and took my first stab (pun) at engraving initials and the wedding date on the back and naming the sword in Latin on the front. I did practice on a piece of scrap iron pipe but that wasn't comparable; too bad I didn't have some scrap sword lying around... I think it turned out straight enough though. I rubbed some gun oil on it afterward to help prevent rust. I assume gun oil is c…

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