7th Continent Miniatures WIP 3

I did another batch of four explorers for 7th continent (now 4 left). I went pretty well directly from the character art so nothing insightful there. We're really enjoying the game so I want to have more painted characters ready for our next play through.

Warhammer 40k Battle Diorama - Detolf Case

7th Continent Miniatures WIP2

7th Continent Miniatures WIP 1

Kingdom Death White Gigalion Painted

Kingdom Death White Gigalion WIP

Kingdom Death - Gigalion - Breccia

Kingdom Death Campaign LY4 (Narrative)

Kingdom Death - White Gigalion - Gadrock Painted

Kingdom Death - Campaign LY3 Narrative

New photo light box

Kingdom Death - Rock Knight

Kingdom Death - Vignette Survivors WIP