Kingdom Death - More Survivors

There are always more survivors in this game and never a shortage of models to paint. Up next are some more unique versions, including the two Dung Beetle Knight armoured survivors (right) and the two wearing Green Knight armour (left).
I tried to pose them in such a way as they'd look appropriate when placed in front of a monster. This armour is by far the best in the game currently and based on the requirements to craft it, we're unlikely to ever have any pieces. The models just look awesome though since they're not wearing tattered robes.

Blood Bowl - Human Coach

Kingdom Death - Lions - Game Night

Kingdom Death Lion God Painted

Kingdom Death Lion God Part3

Kingdom Death Lion God Part2

Kingdom Death Lion God Part1

Kingdom Death - Flower Knight Survivor

Kingdom Death - Minor Progress

Kingdom Death - More Survivors

Kingdom Death - Sunstalker - Painted

Kingdom Death - Sunstalker Part2

Kingdom Death - Before the Wall - Painted