Ridgid Tablesaw Router Insert

On account of all the distancing, I haven't been doing any at home gaming so no new models to paint. I have been upping my wood working though. I'm posting this not as a detailed tutorial but more to show that it is possible. I'm not a woodworker (yet?) so my terminology may be all wrong; sorry. I picked up a router a while back with a mountable base (and a separate plunger base) and wanted to mount it to something. I looked around, and there are router tables for sale but I didn't like the price or the size. My entire workshop is also my garage that I use to park in. With my vehicle, I have about 3" of space at the front, rear and passenger side. So clearly space is a premium and I didn't want to take more up with a router table or dedicated stand. I looked online a lot and there were quite a few table saw - router stands but usually for bigger table saws which are probably more robust. I have a Ridgid R45171 - a 10" compact/portable one. I wasn't s…

Custom Mitre Saw Stand

Kingdom Death Terrain - Lava Pool

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Kingdom Death - Dead Monster Terrain WIP

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