Stormboyz Orks

White Dwarf 136, April 1991 'Eavy Metal, page WD52:
Stormboyz are rebellious Orks who are youthfully obsessed with drillin', marchin', salutin' and other unOrky behavior. Mostly they grow out of their obsession but a few dire-hards can't give up their disciplined ways and become Stormboy Kaptins or find themselves drawn into one of the Freebooter bands which worship the Blood God Khorne.

Stormboyz rebel against their clan style in the same way that teenagers rebel against the dress of their parents. The older Orks just wait for them to grow out of this phase, putting up with their strange behaviour and youthful enthusiasm.

As part of their rebellion, Stormboyz become obsessed with discipline in their dress as much as in their marchin' and salutin'. Each Stormboyz Korps adopts its own uniform. Shiny polished jackboots, buckles and helmets are common. Such Human-styled military trappings are frowned upon by traditionally-minded Orks.

The blue and grey uniform of the Stormboyz shown here is typical.

It was to be much shorter and less varied than my other projects. I planned to make up 100 or so boyz (sluggas and shootas converted from AoBR) and a few other things; that was a lie. . . I'm way past 'a few other things' now! This will roughly play 3500 points if efficiently equipped (not just dumping gear onto models to buff the points). It is about 160 infantry models, 6 walkers, 7 vehicles and 9 bikes/koptas. Orks definitely all start to look the same after a while.

I capped this project off in the spring of 2011 and sold it. I was sad to see it go but there just wasn't enough time to play them. I also wasn't losing many games so it wasn't very tactically challenging. Ork mobs aren't the easiest thing to remove in 5th.

Models - Please click the unit name to view more images

"Kappin Krunch"
I made him a tri-hat out of greenstuff to try out a simple method I read about. I wanted the warboss to look slightly different than everyone else's AoBR boss so I added the hat, and chopped off one of the pistols and the boss pole (since he'll never have one bought anyway). A few extra shoulderpads as well, more of a madmax look.

Warboss "Ram Rod"
I repositioned the arm with a little GS, added armour plating in a few important areas, added a chainsaw to the claw and gun (inspiration Gears of War) as well as a flamer, added a barret and lastly a squig.

Wild Waaagh
As you can see, I got a lot of mileage out of the AoBR warboss kits. This kitbash used most of a pirhana to make a sort of hoverbike for him. My favourite part about all the warbosses are the custom hats they each have. Every good ork needs to accessorize. He clearly had to give up his legs to fit in this thing but you can't always predict what will happen when the painboyz get to you.

Blue Shoota Boyz

Blue Slugga Boyz

Red Shoota Boyz

Ork Trukks
I used leftover bits from a battle wagon to make two trukks out of one kit. Bits of sprue for the chasis and some random parts and I saved 35 bucks. The metal was done with boltgun and a few washes (something I made from scorched brown). I probably could have saved time with tin bitz but didn't own any at the time. I really like the engines on them too. The one is made from a tau ion cannon which really looks like a V6. The other I just am partial to the nos kit. I didn't learn my lesson from these guys and ended up painting 30 other boys as 'ard boys in yellow. I'll show them later
Looted Wagons

These were inspired when I was looking through the ork codex and decided it would be quite easy to make some looted wagons from my marine whirlwind and predator (which can be dismantled for use as rhinos) thereby adding utility and variety to my ork army without buying any models (or destroying anything the Emperor may need later).

I really wanted something that would look like it was going to eat up and spit out the enemy and I think I achieved that.  The snow blower was made from plasticard and a few left over parts pieces.  The spinning wheel inside has definately claimed its fair share of marines.  I only put a single axel in the front of these as you can see I wanted more of a semi truck look from road warrior.   The bottom truck is supposed to look like a mad max semi truck.  You can't really see the trailer hitch but I assure you it is there!
Objective Markers
- Two of them are 'top secret entrances' to underground orky bunkers.
- A fuel stash, because these boyz don't have time to drill for their own and something has to run the kans! (Yes this fits into my ammo dump rant but I think of it as a representation of much more!)
- One is some extra secret info that was dropped when the messenger suffered an 'accident'.
- And the last is a big red button! My mob can't help themselve but try to press anything that's bright and shiney, even though we're unsure as to what it even does. My opponents MUST attempt to prevent whatever it is from happening!