Counts-as Kommandos

So here are some Kommandos I've made from AoBR boyz and a nob as snikrot. The shot doesn't capture it, but the nob has had his clothing shaved off to give him the unshirted look. All of the other random orks have bits like camo cloaks and stikk bombs affixed to set them apart from the norm. Keeping tradition, I've made some hats to help them blend in with their surroundings (which apparently doesn't work on desert rock!

I would have given their skin camo but I wanted more than just the base to tie them into the army.  So having matching skin really helps with the rest of the boyz.

I can't take shots now that the army is sold but here's some different guys at the front showing how I made the scortchas from AoBR boys.


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