Looted Wagons (and Rhinos!)

I'll continue to share my ork army today. These were inspired when I was looking through the ork codex and decided it would be quite easy to make some looted wagons from my marine whirlwind and predator (which can be dismantled for use as rhinos) thereby adding utility and variety to my ork army without buying any models (or destroying anything the Emperor may need later).
I had all of these parts left over from when I build my battlewagons.  I realize they could be more 'orky' but  most of that description means lazy/bad converting to me.  Simply glueing bits to something does not make a nice ork vehicle in my opinion.  Anyway, I took these to be recently looted with weapons quickly added to make them functional; hence the metalic guns which haven't yet been painted red. I have the most round-about way of painting these things; it's not tin bitz but boltgun metal + delvan mud + flesh wash + chainmail. . . I really should invest in some tin bitz. . .

Best of all they come apart and make great BA vehicles.


  1. I like it, in an already expensive hobby, it is always nice to have something that is dual purpose and can fit more than one role.


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