Fellblade Project Part 2 - Paint on

Now that she's built, I've put my first coats of paint to her.  A coat of dhenab stone and highlights of wych flesh followed by a heavy wash of devlan mud.  This was followed up by a drybrush of wych flesh and a lighter brush of skull white.  Now that this is done, it's time for the fun parts! (and the more time consuming bits).  I can hear the treads roaring already.


  1. is that...a Moritat in the turret...hehehe

    I assume you think the Fellblade is the better of the two super heavies. Was wondering why?

    1. Moritat? like this http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/The_Moritat ?

      Honestly I think when I ordered this (it was last year) the fellglaive was a work in progress and I didn't want to wait! In game terms the fellglaive weapon (30k) is really good too. Purchasing this one was more for looks (the double cannon I like) and because the model was available. Had the fell glaive been up for sale it would have been a more difficult choice.


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