Painting Flames on Miniatures

Final Product
The next thing on my list was a CSM Hell Blade I bought a while back.  I really couldn't figure out what colour scheme I wanted to use for it though.  I didn't want it to match my Emerald Fists since it isn't a marine vehicle (it's a servitor).  I'd rather it be from the Eye of Terror gifted from some Dark Mechanicus allies.  So without doing a solid colour, I wanted to test myself and my airbrush and decided to go with a tutorial I saw for flames on BuyPainted's Youtube.

EDIT:  Final result is here:

First colours
I cut out little pieces as per his tutorial from plasticard.  I didn't go overboard and make as many variations as he did.  I wasn't planning on doing a huge surface and the 3-4 different angles was more than enough to provide unique curves with the paint.  You can see in this photo the first layer where I used scab red over astronomicon grey.

I used GW colours which probably isn't as ideal as airbrush paints but it still worked well enough.  There's a bit of grain to the last coat of red I applied sadly.  I think that paint pot is a bit bad.

Second layer
 Once I was done with the first coat I applied a 2nd layer with skull white followed by an orange then skull white followed by sunburst yellow.  I brushed over the whole thing with blood red.  Now that I'm done I'm going to touch up all of the panels with black and then do the trim in boltgun metal.  I strongly suggest taking a look at the tutorial video as it was pretty easy to follow.
3rd layer with yellow.
2nd layer with orange


  1. Neat! The flames are a bit subtle, but I honestly like that look. Good stuff, man!

    1. They're no where near as nice as the tutorial video sadly. A combination of imperfect paint, a non-flat surface, a narrow surface, a starter airbrush and it being my first attempt I think are to blame.

      I'm hoping a gloss varnish will make it pop a bit :)

    2. I like the subdued tones and I also find myself on BuyPainted's channel quite often. His airbrush stuff is exceptional. Your model looks really good though, that shot of blue/cobalt was a nice touch!

    3. Haha that's just glare :) It's your shadow grey colour.


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