Plastic Glue and You - Too Much?

So I recently noticed that my ability to smell by brush on Tamiya plastic glue is basically nil.  I'm sure this isn't good for my health (an open window probably doesn't suffice).  Anyway I've had my fiancee 'hide' it so that I can't use it for a while.  Basically I told myself no more assembly until my unpainted models are done.  With a list of assembled models including a land raider, 3 predators, vindicator, 3 hyperios platforms, 5 havoks, a helldrake, decimator engine, Lysander, Scabiethrax and caestus assault ram (off the top of my head; there may be more) I should get a nice reprieve to regrow some neurons or desensitise (if it's not too late).

Has anyone else had bad experiences or the fear from such things?


  1. Yes and YES! My collection has reached a dangerous level. I have put a pause on buying until I have painted.

    1. I have tried that before and so have a lot of my friends. It never seems to work! I'm hoping the glue-less shackles I've self imposed will work. I took half of my stuff and primed it yesterday so that's a good step in the right direction.


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