[Counts-as] Hyperios Launchers - Complete

I finished these up for an apocalypse game that's schedules for next weekend.  I expect many fliers and these will be great defence for that.  I bought 3 of these launchers from puppetswar and they're removable in the odd instance I might want a hyperios land raider or 3 whirlwinds.  The bases also let me make point defence turrets (tarantulas).  Down the road I'll paint up some of those for them as well.  The radar dish also comes off and can drop on a rhino to create a command rhino.  I'm eager to try that out.  All in all this unit was great to put out as I can use it for so many different things.  Multifunctional models are great since they cut down on painting requirements.  2 tyranids with 1 bolter eh?  For anyone curious those are 60 mm bases.

Originally I purchased these because the bits were cheaper than whirlwind sprues but now that I have them I like them miles more.  The bits had some air bubbles on the back which was annoying but the mould lines were minimal and green stuff fixed the holes quickly.  They were also in areas that did not have much detail so the fix didn't take much effort.  For the price these are an A+ item in my book as I think with any resin product you have to accept some self repair.


  1. Very cool! I really dig how those turned out - fantastic work, man!


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