Terrorgheist Nurgle Heldrake counts-as Complete.

My counts-as heldrake is finished!  I went back and forth on how to finish the statue and decided the simplest way and easiest way to tie it into my nurgle army was to use the slate colour from my bases; it's dark and makes the dragon pop.  I left a giant mould line on the right wing and didn't notice until it was painted.  Luckily it looks a bit like a crack in the bone so it isn't too big a deal!  The statue is luckily about the height of a flying base which is good for LoS.  Pictures will do better than my blathering :)

Also, someone had asked me how it was attached and I should point out that the model's hip and shoulder joints are not ball and socket but square peg.  I put two in as it should be, and the other two arms I carved off the peg and then pinned it so I could rotate as required (doesn't line up as you spin it so needs to be pinned).  The claws were all pinned through the ankle/wrist into the statue since there was not a flush way to mount it otherwise.  Also some of the claws come as part of the rocks the kit is supposed to mount to so those need to be cut off and carved off so they can be attached to the dragon.


  1. That looks fantastic! Beautiful work, man!

    1. Thanks! It's rare that a cool model is actually good! So for an auto include in a chaos list I'm glad I put the time into this one.


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