Terrorgheist Hell Drake - Counts-as WIP

I'm slowly working on my helldrake.  I droped it while priming so I had to do a bunch of repairs.  The left wing is very brittle since there is only the shoulder as a connection point.  You can also see on the right wing's hand, it's missing a toe.  That's in my lawn somewhere.  I air brushed the wings with a few shades of green and now I'm hand brushing the bone on.  It's taking forever!  I'm going to paint the dragon first and then do the statue quickly.  I think I'm going to go with a slate grey.  The chips and such evident on the model itself suggest it is stone and not metal.  The slate will also better match the basing scheme in the rest of the army.  I'd debated doing a marble look, but on such a large figure I don't think I could do it justice.


  1. Looking really cool. Can you tell me how you positioned the rear legs or show me a pic? I might steal this idea or gives me an idea how to position on something else.

    I also guess the marine statue is about the same height at a flying stand?

    1. The marine statues is essentially the same height as a flying stand. I just measured and it's 6" to the top of his head.

      As for the rear legs, they fit with a square peg into a square hole. The right leg I left as is (used the peg). To pose the left leg in a more suitable position I cut the square peg off and then pinned the hip and foot in place (to the body and statue respectively). The contact points for the feet and hands to the statue aren't great since it clearly isn't meant to sit that way (the kit sits on pre determined rock pieces with slots). I believe the front shoulders followed this same process (pinning at the correct rotation).

      Good luck! The model should be finished painting soon and will have better photos.

    2. Did you make a hole on the marine statue for the peg on the right left to fit in?

      Would love a picture of the rear if possible, is it possible to e-mail me?

    3. I will take a photo this weekend at some point. I could email you one if you explain how to email a google account. Sorry I should clarify the feet. The feet sit in grooves on the rocks (base) from the kit, or slot in where the rocks have a foot already carved on them. I simply cut the foot off the rock, glued it to the leg, and then pinned it. Pinning was done with a small drill and a paper clip. I didn't have to put major holes into the statue. I'll have to use photos likely to convey this.

    4. Can you e-mail photos to imperiusdominatus@live.co.uk?


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