300th Post! Lysander Painted

The captain of the Emerald Fists First Company is now complete.  Sadly his company only has 5 other members right now.  I'll have to remedy that with 5 hammer terminators at some point.  As with all of my models you can see the gritty paint scheme on this guy too. 

First Company captain, Victor Honorus, commands the battlebarge Stalwart Hope complete with a contingent of veteran space marines resplendant in terminator armour.    He is the current protector of the Infinitus Mallum, a now ancient relic of great artifice gifted by the Imperial Fists during the founding of his chapter. He is known as World Breaker, an honourific his crew dispensed following the pacification of Drummond Prime where it is said he overcame two Iron Warriors warsmiths and their honour guards single handedly.  As he cast their bodies from their fortress keep, he surveyed all which they had corrupted.  Upon seeing the depth to which the population had fallen, still hurling themselves toward the Emerald Fists despite the death of the warsmiths, he returned to the Stalwart Hope and ordered exterminatus.  The captain is a hard man with no compassion for those who turn from the Emperor.
I liked painting this guy.  There are a lot of little decorative items across both the front and back of the model.  I'm also using his face as my new forum avatar so that's also neat :)  I didn't get a good picture of it for some reasons, but I used a forgeworld brass etch on his right pauldron since I found it odd the original model had nothing here to mark his chapter (not that the other iconography doesn't give it away).  The big blank pauldron just bothered me.
I'd almost forgotten to paint his fists green.  That would have been disasterous!