[Emerald Fists] Havocs / Devastators Painted

I finished these guys recently.  I wanted something modular for the dev team and shoulder mounted weapons is the easiest way.  With the forgeworld weapon packs I added autocannon barrels to heavy bolters so that I'd have autocannons for the havocs.  Once the new marine codex comes out I'll see what weapon I want to spam and paint those up.  The picture doesn't capture it on everyone but I cast shoulderpads to mark them as devs (see the sergeant).  I really like how these perform with the autocannons so they're definately a staple in the nurgle army.  Not enough ranged fire without them. 

I think long term I'll make another squad to mirror this (fill it out to a ten man) as well as make 5 more with swappable combi weapons which can function as a havoc team or crew for rapiers or bullet catchers.  That will give me 20 total and put me further on my way to completing a company.  I'm only at 30/100 right now but I think my next project start will be 10 more tactical marines and a drop pod.