[Objective Marker] Dead Terminator Conversion

Chapter Master Jorbek had served Emerald Fists for over five centuries before succumbing to a parasitic creature which had affixed itself to the base of his spine.  Once the apothecarium identified the parasite, Jorbek walked to his reclusiam, removed his helmet and severed his own neck, irreparably damaging neurons required to permit his resurrection as a dreadnought.  This selfless act was completed minutes before the creature could establish a psychic link with its hivemind and drain Jorbek of the chapter's secrets.  The Emerald Fists have left his corpse and holy armour untouched aboard the battlebarge Shield of Valour for nearly a millennium to honour his sacrifice; robbed of the chance to die in glorious battle for his primarch.

I carved all of the blood angel bits off this space hulk model and then green stuffed some of the depressed areas.  I covered the bland spots with some etched brass.  A new shoulder guard, powerfist cover, shinguard and belt buckle.  I also added the storm bolter to the side.  So it looked like he just died in his full wargear.   I think the effort put into this objective was worth it since I can now use it in 90% of my games.  Though if I surround it with other marines, it may confuse my opponent :)


  1. That turned out looking great!

    1. Thanks! It's always worth painting models that are 'auto includes' :)


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