[Terrain] Micro Art Studio Battlefield Bunkers

I've had these collecting dust for a while and thought it was time to get them painted up.  The resin was sanded on the bottom with a low grit sand paper to give the glue something to adhere to and then wood glue and clamps were the last step.  I did a quick coat of brown, a drybrush and then airbrushed a brown on the wooden base I'd cut out and sanded.  This blended the bottom of the bunker and gave it some shading.  Some simple flock and it now matches my table.

I made two; the first has some tank trap barricade extensions off of the side for more troops or a tank to hide (gives about 25% cover) and the other is just for troops.  These offer about a 90 degree fire arc out the front.  which is enough to cover an area pretty well.  We've been using these as AV12 bunkers that can be grabbed during terrain placement.  Between all of the ruins I have which impair line of sight these still aren't a hot commodity but see some play.  The first image shows a good scale shot.  The bunker itself is about 5" wide and 1.5" tall.  The roof is removable (I glued it on anyway) and I was able to stand upright devestator marines with shoulder mounted weapons underneath the lid though the signum guy didn't fit.  I like the kit, it has a nice worn look.