Emerald Fists Caestus Assault Ram - Painted

I finished painting my Space Marine Caestus Assault ram.  Man is it huge.  The model definately has a presence on the battlefield and I used it in its first apocalypse game last weekend.  I loaded it up with 400 points of stuff which was a bit foolish but when it did get somewhere things died. 

There weren't any panels that really screamed 'green' to me so I stuck with the model being mostly cream coloured.  I figured that the chevrons were eye catching enough and I was worried that forcing green anywhere beyond the fist would make the model too noisy.  I used house paint masking tape which is pretty crappy stuff but it worked well enough.  There was some bleed under the tape but because I sprayed the yellow last, the touch up was black paint which is far easier to get coverage.

Beyond that, I sponged black paint on the boundary between the two colours which also broke up any imperfection from the spray process.  After this process was done (and I'd taken photos) I decided to add some decals to the front light mounts (a number 2).  I made sure to spong a cream colour onto the decal to make it look worn which is important on a battle damaged vehicle or else it looks really out of place.

All in all this model was fairly quick to paint (probably 8 hours); the only thing I'm unhappy with is the silver on the wings.  The washes and highlights are a bit dull.  Anyway I'm one step closer to getting to that fellblade...


  1. That turned out fantastic, man! I've always loved that model, and it looks great in your paint scheme. Can't wait to see what's next!

    1. There's ALWAYS more! Fellblade is slowly coming together on my desk...


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