Emerald Fist Tactical Marines WIP

I got my bases from Dragon Forge to match the rest I'd already purchased.  I bought a bunch of 40 mm ones previously and hav

e decided I want to put all of my models on slate bases now.  The added bonus of putting tactical marines on a scenic base is it makes them taller.  Paired with my old cadians the marines actually look larger which is a nice effect.

Here's the 10 guys I've made up as 'team melta'  I put a combi melta I made onto the sergeant, added a melta bomb, multi melta and melta gun to the squad.  The squad weapons are magnetized anyway, but for immediate gaming I wanted a bunch of melta guns to potentially fall out of a drop pod or a transport.  Despite current internet meta, my area still uses a lot of vehicles and I like the versatility of an assault AP1 gun.