Emerald Fists - Wave Two 1700pts

So this is somewhere around 1700 points.  It's my 2nd large wave of minis to paint for my Emerald Fists.  I put a bunch of this stuff together and figured I should do the base coats all at once. That gives me a fellblade, 3 predators, a vindicator, drop pod, command squad, tactical team and terminator squad in progress.  I'm likely not going to be doing the next steps all at once, but picking unit by unit.  First up I really owe it to the army to get a tactical squad done so I have two.  This is also a bit of a rush for some models since I'm guessing the new codex may invalidate some and I want to get a few of these painted before the new models come out and I get distracted.

Time to break out the army painter inks and get to work shading.  p.s. I'm also out of Chardon granite - anyone have a suitable replacement brand?