Emerald Fist Caestus - Sneak Peak

Working off the list of models I must paint before I'm allowed to buy/build anything more, I decided to grab the Caestus.  I had originally painted this for my space wolves but I've decided to commit 100% to the Emerald Fists and not add to the space wolves anymore.  The caestus also fits the type of 'war' I feel the Fists would lead and the model is awesome.  There was a mold line down the side (you can see it) and I had tried to scrape it off but I think I'd have needed a dremmel (which I don't own).  I'll put some battle damage here and I think the eye will be drawn away from it (I hope!).  I'm planning to do hazard stripes down the top and sides of the two pods as well and can't wait to try that out.  The end result will be a pretty beat up paint job I figure.
The fists on the wings are from the brass etch set and once I bent them correctly fit like a charm in that spot.