[Emerald Fists] Terminators and Objective WIP

Here's some paint on my hammer terminators and objective terminator guy.  I spent a long time debating which parts of the shield to do green and went with the outside bevel instead of the outside edge or inside panelling.  I think the minimal green fits better with the tactical marines and the rest of the army.  I even used this objective partially painted in my last game.  Sadly we had to leave him behind - Stupid paladins :).

Here's a closer shot of the objective in progress.  Another coat of gold has been applied to the appropriate bits compared to the last picture and the fists have been marbled.  A but more touch ups and the crux, base gems and lenses and I'll be done.  I'm also thinking about adding a storm bolter beside the bench; as if he'd placed it down as he died.