Emerald Fist Battle Tanks - Complete

Here are a few shots of the tanks, now finished.  The Predator Executioner is a really cool tank and it's super cheap these days.  Here's a shot with side sponsons on both tanks though the Executioner will never get those added.  I like it being nice and cheap and easy to hide.  I actually finished 3 tanks but only took pictures of these two as tanks.  You can see by the squad numbers on the right of each tank (VI and X) that these correspond to the tactical and devestator squads for my future company since these can be rhinos.  Someday I'll field a fully mechanized company in apocalypse.  Someday...

Right now I'm at 20 tactical, 10 assault and 10 devestators.  I'm plugging away at it though I've been distracted by so many tanks and support things!
Predator Executioner
On the executioner plasma cannons I tried to only highlight a small band in white to make it look like the plasma was pulsing.  I think I achieved that.  I should also point out that these are Machinator's turrets and sponson designs from Blood and Skull Industries.  I really like the unique look it gives and the sponsons are enclosed which I think is key.  The rounded look also blends them in with the fellblade better.
I added some scroll work as well on a few of the green areas to provide a bit of detail and break up the blank panels.  What I also failed to photograph, are the 'plugs' that I painted up for when these are used as autocannon turrets.  Since only one barrel will be present, I needed something to fill the slot.  What I did was take the small 'vox' like skull thing from what I think was a bastion and cut it down to fit.  So now there's a little speaker/servo skull thing that fits in place of one of the las cannons so there isn't a gaping hole!
Here's tank number IX disguised as a rhino.  I finished a chevron top hatch as well.  Learning from the tactical hatches I made, I did thise one as two parts before gluing it.  That let me add battle damage somewhat more realistically between each hatch.  The top down photo shows that this was done with a brush as you can see brush strokes.  The camera with the overhead light seems to have picked these out more than my eye can see normally.  I won't be fixing it :)  I'm now back up to 6 rhinos or 6 tanks which is sweet since I love running mech.


  1. I love the beat-all-to-hell look of these!

    1. These ones are actually in pretty good shape compared to the drop pod I'm working on! I think I'm making them worse and worse! I enjoy the sharp contrast of the paint chips and shading from the wash so I'm going a bit overboard. Glad you approve :)


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