Emerald Fist Tactical Terminators - Reality based Fluff

Vox traffic filled his helmet as he led Squad Tiberius to the teleport pad. The traitor marines had fortified the Oburo valley with trenches, barricades and anti aircraft batteries. This was a battle made for the Emerald Fists Tiberius thought.

"May the Emperor guide us" he intoned through his helmet. With an actinic flare the squad materialised at the foot of the emplaced guns. As the smell of ozone melded with spent prometheum the terminators were already firing. With steady assured footsteps Tiberius and his battle brothers marched toward an enemy terminator squad. Storm bolters barked on both sides and as the storm of shells reached a crescendo, two unyielding forces collided in a brutal melee. The traitors, armed with fierce force swords landed blow after blow; yet the Emperor would protect. With unerring certainty the Emerald Fists crushed their mirrors beneath their glowing emerald power fists.  Tiberius had singled out the enemy leader, his tainted battle honours charred and billowing in the wind.

"I will purge this world of your taint" Tiberius issued the challenge in a measured tone seemingly unsuited for the maelstrom of battle. His foe turned, fresh blood undoubtedly sacrificial in nature, dripped from his gorget. As the enemy champion rushed toward him, Tiberius spun on his heal unleashing a whirlwind chop of his power axe. Completing his turn, the sergeant and his squad prepared to storm the battlements, paying little attention to those they had silenced.
The antiair batteries lowered and began to track the terminators. In their tactical dreadnought armour they did not have speed but for what they lacked they made up in near-invulnerability. With their own storm bolters lending covering fire the squad made for the reinforced ferrocrete barricades and shouldered through them. Brother Amos was held up in the rubble and was immediately targeted. Round after round of bolter fire hammered his chest until it cracked and he slumped forward.
"Honour the fallen" Tiberius commanded and in as many seconds the remainder of his squad had slaughtered the dozen traitor marines manning the guns.

**Sergeant, the traitor warlord has overrun our staging area** A human voice cracked over the vox. The tone conveyed the practised orders of an Imperial Guard commander yet Tiberius could detect the subtle tremble of fear in his words.

"Korvex, turn the gun on Regiment command." With a groan the quad gun rotated toward the impromptu command post which had been set up to besiege the enemy strong point now held by Tiberius.

"Tracking one target; firing". Without hesitation Korvex unleashed a salvo of autocannon shells. Seconds later a pink mist could be seen in the distance through Tiberius' autosenses.
"Commander, have your units secure the stronghold". Tiberius spoke no further words to the Imperial Guard in the Oburo valley and returned to where Brother Amos had fallen.
"You honour us Brother" he whispered as he clasped a small golden eagle.
A flash of light erupted enveloping the slain marine and his battle brothers.  As quickly as the blinding light had appeared, it was gone along with Squad Tiberius.

As much as this sounds like fanboy fan fiction, my tactical terminator squad actually solo stormed my opponents base in a 1750 game and wiped out 3 units of GK and proceeded to get the killing blow on the GK warlord using their own aegis line.  The calm attitude of the Emerald Fists I'm trying trying to convey is in stark contrast to how much I was laughing as this was all happening.


  1. Nice! I always enjoy reading the stories you post. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks dude. Sometimes I get a spark of creativity and want to share. I always like when other people have short stories I can read in a minute or two and aim to fit that with my little fluff blurbs.


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