[Army List] 1750 Imperial Fists

I haven't had the chance to play more than one game since the new codex has dropped so I'm still experimenting with units.  Here is what I'm planning to run this weekend:
Lysander (deploys with command squad)
Command Squad, 4 melta guns, apothecary and a drop pod

Mortis Contemptor with Kheres Assault Cannons in a Lucius Pod

10 Tactical Marines, plasma, combiplasma and a drop pod
5 Tactical Marines, Razorback w/ lascannon and TL Plasma
5 Tactical Marines, Razorback w/ lascannon and TL Plasma

5 Assault marines 2 flamers, melta bomb
5 Assault marines 2 flamers

6 Devestators, 4 las cannons, razorback with heavy bolters
Predator with plasma executioner (3 plasma cannon shots).

I play against a lot of other marine and Dark Eldar lists and I'm thinking these are decent units for that.  I usually only see 1-2 fliers in a list so a reserved hunter should be ok with dealing with those.  The internet's love for aegis lines has not proven itself among my group of 8 players.  The S7 shots just are not reliable against the AV12 fliers and the cover is easily granted by just taking equivalent terrain during set up.

I plan to drop pod Lysander and his command squad plus the dreadnought into the enemy back lines on turn one.  My razorback screen will move up slowly at 6" a turn with the marines walking behind them.  These can also provide mobile cover to the assault marines which will serve as a counter assault unit.  I'm hoping the backfield commitment of Lysander and the Mortis will draw a lot of the incoming fire away from my advancing units and also deal with any immediate threats on turn 1 like enemy devestators, thunderfire cannons, tanks etc.  The tactical squad drop pod will drop where needed when it arrives which is likely in the enemy zone.  Keeping the pressure up in the enemy back field will hopefully allow my devestators, predators and razorbacks to rain heavy fire down for the duration of the game.  The assault marines being a small unit will move around in an attempt to drop their flamers on some infantry and should be able to hide well enough seeing as how there are only 5.  Being a smaller squad I'm also thinking it won't tempt me into assaulting which they're usually pretty bad at.

Any thoughts?  I may just get slaughtered by Dark Eldar but that's a common theme when not going first.  Dropping Lysander for a cheap 65 point librarian with maybe an auspex is also tempting...


  1. My thoughts would be possibly swapping the Command Squad for Sternguard. I don't rate the FNP as being as useful as some of the special ammo, and they can also do combi-meltas and/or heavy flamers for engaging the big targets. Dark Eldar transports won't like deep striking heavy flamers that could possibly be popping multiple vehicles as they cluster in cover on turn 1.

    1. like your idea about the heavy flamer on vehicles; I never thought of that though having 2 chances to pen on a 6 doesn't seem that great (even if you cover 3 vehicles). My opponent who plays DE atually deploys outside his transports if he's going 2nd and if he's first inside and moves. I'm not sure my odds of covering multiple vehicles good. Do you think having the heavy flamers hit a 5 man squad and it's transport is better than potentially blowing up a heavy support choice? Would you not rather have the melta on turn 1 against most armies? I have had the sternguard debate with someone else actually this past weekend and we both figured command squads were better melta delivery systems. They're about equal in cost and they do lose the special ammo. In my experience with them though the sternguard are always dropping and using their combi weapons and then die before the ammo matters. So I figured the FNP would help keep them alive to potentially melta again on turn 2. With sternguard I think I would run them bare bones to keep the cost down. In this army I'd lose that first strike ability though on a big target. I was running math and against say a wraith knight the 2+ wound ammo doesn't really do much and I'd rather use meltas too. What do you think?


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