Emerald Fists Tactical Squad 2 Complete

Here's my second tactical squad complete.  It took I think over a year to get a playable marine force that didn't need scouts.  Shouldn't have waited so long!  Anyway here's 10 of 20 of my current force.  Now I'm moving on to rebasing everything with these slate bases.  All of my 40mm models have them and I thought it was time my 25 mm models had them too.  If you look at the 2nd and 3rd picture you can see Sergeant Namus holding his combi melta (I made this before I knew sternguard had such readily available bits).  I also used the forge world heavy weapon for the squad since they lend themselves easier to magnetization and don't require a large pack to be painted as well.   
 Not sure what's next.  So much to choose from!



  1. a bit dirty for my taste, but nevertheless, these are very well done. nice work.

    1. My first squads were a very clean white and I found that from a playing distance the dirtier models look less fake (more depth). I definitely respect that not everyone likes a dirty paint job though. I've found from one unit to the next, they're getting worse and worse! The drop pod I'm working on now is pretty extreme...

      Thanks for looking :)

    2. On the flip side, i like the dirty, grimy look. These guys aren't on parade after all.

      As an aside, how many times do you get asked "Are those Death Guard?" each game? :)

    3. The scheme was definitely inspired by the Death Guard. Luckily the green is more saturated than the more faded green of the Death Guard.


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