[Emerald Fists] Chaplain Dreadnought (Ironclad)

I really like the chaplain dreadnought model but the rules were bad and I wanted something that would also work in regular 40k games.  The ironclad model also looks like a knuckle dragging gorilla so this model will kill two birds with one stone.  I modelled the crosius with the aquila from the old command tank upgrade sprue on a las cannon handle.  I have a lot of stuff on my painting table and this is at the back for now, but the bits to complete it finally showed up in the mail (the left arm namely) and I wanted to complete the model as proof of concept.  As another note, the crown thing on the top of the sarcophagus had huge star point things on it which I chopped off.  I knew they'd break later so just trimmed it pre paint.