Hyperios Missile Turrets - Kitbash

My puppetswar missile turrets came in and I quickly put them together.  There were some slight air bubbles on the tips of a few missiles which I will fix with greenstuff and some larger bubbles on the rear of the missile pods and turrets.  These however are all very simple fixes as none of them occur in the vicinity of fancy details.  Overall I really like the look and they were cheaper than GW whirlwind turrets.  Here are the hyperios platforms I made out of aegis bases on 60mm bases.  They're not glued so I can swap them onto rhinos if I ever feel the need.  But for 35 points you can't go wrong for a T6 TL missile with skyfire...  I'm going to have to add them to the painting queue sooner rather than later as I really liked them during play testing.
I should also point out that these came with marine-esque gunners and the hatches are optional.  You can have a guy inside operating the turret but I didn't like that aesthetic and went with the sealed canopy.