Friday, 30 March 2012

Ork Battlewagon Deff Rolla Conversion

I realized I didn't put up nearly enough photos of this battlewagon previously.  I found these pictures to share with the other ones so there's a prepaint one which might be helpful to some.  The front end was magnetized so I could store it easier.  After painting it and applying sealant I didn't matte coat the front because I wanted it to look wet with gore.  I wish I had a better picture of the rear wrecking ball though.  This deffroller'd many a model in its day. 

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Storm Eagle Gunship

Has anyone else seen this?  I'm sort of sad I bought a chapterhouse upgrade kit and a storm raven if this is real:

This is how a storm raven should have looked so if it is an April Fools joke, it is a cruel one.

AoBR Converted Ork Warbikes

Back when I was making my ork army I had a huge surplus of copters and didn't really want to play 10 of them.  So I decided to make some warbikes out of the parts.  After converting some trucks and battle wagons I had spare tires but not enough to put 2 per bike.  Because of that I made skidoo type machines that would partially roll and partially slide.

Monday, 26 March 2012

AoBR Deffkopta Conversions - Buzz Saw

Farewell 5th edition and 5th edition starter conversions I guess!  Here are the converted deffkoptas I made a few years ago.  I wanted to run them as a first turn assault group (didn't work well) so I needed a buzz saw.  I've seen a lot of conversions over the years but when I was looking for inspiration I didn't like all of the tacked on versions I saw.  I wanted something more integrated.  One thing my ork conversions may look like is a bit more 'practical' since I think the cartoony versions look really dumb and lazy.  Different strokes for different folks!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Tarkonis IV - Imperial Guard Platoon

More Guardsmen.  Not much to say... these guys sure die quickly!  They usually end up standing in as vets though since I don't have enough to effectively play foot guard (only 60 or so).  Maybe I should get on to painting my IG tanks up so that I want to play them again (I think my IG have been packed away for 6 months).  So many marines to play and paint though!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Imperial Guard Hydra Conversion

I'm sure everyone has seen attempts at this before, but I tried to take a bit more time and make something that didn't look like an aegis line glued to a chimera.  I extended the gun barrels with plastic rods to give them more length on par with the increased profile they receive in the codex.  I set the tank ring back to be more centred on the hull as well.  And to give it a bit of personality I tossed a gunner on top.  I'm really not sure how much help he'd be but he's sure going to try!  A few sheets of plasticard were required on the bottom and another large tube of plasticard so that it would sit in the default hole of a chimera.  This makes it have rotation while being swappable to a standard chimera turret when I would rather have a transport. 

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Night Hawks Fluff - Truvel XI Part 3 - Breaking Silence

Truvel XI
Part 3
Breaking Silence

Part 1; Part 2

Thurion sat awake in the passenger's seat of the Argonaut despite his earlier promise to himself.  Voren, the battle brother operating the speeder, would not drive in silence.  Voren, like Thurion, was not a member of the 3rd company.  He was attached from the 8th reserve company comprised entirely of Argonaut pilots and their gunners.  He was a recent promotion from the 9th scout company and despite having been involved in many engagements over the last 12 years was not as battle hardened as Thurion would like.  He still maintained an innocence and wonder about him. 

Monday, 19 March 2012

[List Building] Land Speeder or Attack Bike?

I've run up against a giant stand still for painting my Night Hawks bikes.  I had singled out 2 five man squads and the captain, airbrushed everything, done the highlights  and then started to paint the silver trim. 
That's where this story ends.  Having no real tactical reason to bring any bike squads since I've lost every game (3-4) that I tried with them - and badly.  So other projects have started in their stead.  In an effort to motivate myself I want to find a use for them and to that I ask the public:
What is better for a suicide multi-melta?

Sunday, 18 March 2012

[BatRep] 1500 Blood Angels vs. Raven Guard

Raven Guard Army
Here's another battle report, again from the eyes of my opponent.  I do have to say though that I am thoroughly bored with 2 objective games.  They're really bland and I don't know if I've ever ended one that wasn't a draw.  I also reinforced my dislike of landraiders.  They're such a pointsink for nothing.  My list wasn't very good anyway (no focus) and I think I would have lost both killpoints and a 3-5 objective game, but still - the landraider is bad.  I also really missed having a baal pred.  Anyway on with the report (I'd look at the pretty pictures because the game itself wasn't very exciting due to mission type).

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Devastator Shoulder Pad Tutorial

I wanted all of my Crimson Fists to have raised squad shoulder pads and the price for some custom ones online was pretty prohibitive if you want 10-20.  I couldn't find any of the old metal GW ones either.  After actually grabbing a devestator I remembered that the shoulder is part of the arm in most cases.  Not wanting to spend $4 a shoulder plus make a lot of work for myself, I decided to sculpt my own. 

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

90 AoBR Shoota Boyz

 So many orks!  Here are 90 boyz I painted up for my ork army.  Yes I am very glad they are done and never want to touch something like that again.  I really wanted shoota boyz (and they are amazing) so I converted 60 of these from AoBR kits.  I have a friend who made tons of legit choppa squads so he had many left over guns.  I also bought a few bits.  Doing so gave me many cheap troops.  I don't even want to say converting since it was so easy - involved just chopping an arm off.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Ork 'Ard Boyz Mob

I promised in the last post to show these guys.  I wanted to be able to play with 'ard boys (I think it only actually happened once when I bothered to pay that upgrade) so I selected all of the AoBR boys with shoulder pads (I had a few boxes).  Everyone got a shoulder pad and a helmet which compared to my other squads was very noticeable to make the unit unique.  The rest of the squads rarely had shoulders or armour and weren't bright yellow accentuating the armour.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Ork Trukk 2 fer 1

Here are the ork trukks that I used to cart around my boys.  I say "2 for 1" because I only bought 1 trukk kit.  I used leftover bits from a battle wagon to make two trukks out of one kit.  Bits of sprue for the chasis and some random parts and I saved 35 bucks.  The metal was done with boltgun and a few washes (something I made from scorched brown).  I probably could have saved time with tin bitz but didn't own any at the time.  I really like the engines on them too.  The one is made from a tau ion cannon which really looks like a V6.  The other I just am partial to the nos kit.  I didn't learn my lesson from these guys and ended up painting 30 other boys as 'ard boys in yellow.  I'll show them later.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Adeptus Custodes Terminators Complete

I sat down, inspired to finish this this weekend.  A lot of NCAA basketball to watch also helped :).  These guys will likely be counts-as thunderhammer/stormshield terminators in most games though they could likely count as whatever I want since they have a bolter (or halbred for GK).  The gold was painted on a tan primer using GW shining gold.  A few coats of that with an airbrush then a few washes of gryphonne sepia.  After that I drybrushed mithril silver over the top.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Bat Rep 1500 Raven Guard vs Crimson Fists

Thou shall not pass...
I thought I'd share another battle report I was involved in to showcase the Land Raider Achilles.  Before fielding one, I read up on the interwebz and saw nothing but whining and moaning from people on how overpowered it was.  I'm convinced that all of the crybabies who whine about forgeworld units are exactly that, naive children who haven't actually seen the units in practice.

Night Hawks Fluff: Truvel XI Part 2

Part I here

Truvel XI
Part 2
The Open Road

Once the marines had passed the barrier formed by the cloud it became evident to Arkavius that the anomaly was not a naturally ocurring phenomenon.
"Mercy of the Omnisiah" Thurion griped over general vox; clearly annoyed by the rutted topography over which the flock was attempting to travel at speed.  Thurion was no stranger to field duties but his preference for the serenity of a mech bay, alone with his tools and a machine spirit, was obvious in his demeanor.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Crimson Fists Army Project Planning

Yup, I'm starting another army!  I  have my Night Hawks for fast attack items (bikes and speeders), my Loganwing for elites and my Blood Angels for an armoured company.  Now, I really need foot troops.

Enter Crimson Fists.

I've got a start so far, some tactical and assault marines in simple green, mail order conversion parts and plans.  Most importantly, plans!

I've got Crimson Fist metal shoulder pads in the mail, tactical marine shoulders and death watch pads.  I've greenstuffed my devestator pads and will cast some assault marine shoulders that I'll cast.  That gets shoulders out of the way.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Night Hawks Converted Rifleman Dread WIP

Here's a photo of a dreadnought I've been working on for my Night Hawks.  Originally I was going to attempt to model wheels on him but the proportions were all wrong and I couldn't figure out a good way to incorporate wheels and legs.  I didn't want him to just be a car but a transformer (to still function as a walker).  Regardless this plan failed so I've stuck with legs.  Fluff wise, I'll write something up to explain why a chapter of bikers would still need/want a walker with them even though he couldn't likely keep up.  I'm thinking an old captain who's centuries of experience are too worthwhile to let him join the Emperor.  The chapter can use hi m at the rear and to function as a C&C node and maintain an overall image of the battle from the ground.  Anyway just thoughts.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

[BatRep] Blood Angels vs Raven Guard 1500 points

I 'borrowed' this battle report from a friend of mine's new blog "Stalking Among Shadows".  I have 'edited' it slightly to reflect what really happened ;).

Anyway we had a 1500 point Seize Ground - DoW game last week which is told through my opponents point of view.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Land Raider Achilles Conversion Complete

 I've finished my Land Raider Achilles conversion and am super happy with it.  I can't wait to crush some enemies!  There are some work in progress (pre painting) photos here and an expanded version of the fluff below is presented here (Part 1).  There are a lot of resin bits on this guy and I used many techniques including airbrushing, dry brushing, washes, blending, sponging and weathering powders to tie it all together.  I'm a pretty dark painter but am making an attempt with my last few things to brighten up my models a bit (not the main model but the bells and whistles) so I hope it's working.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Dystopian Wars - EotBS Tiny Fliers

After painting a lot of larger models I wanted a change of pace.  I went small; very small.  These guys are 2 cm across at the base.  It still took all night to paint them though!  I started with a basecoat of chainmail followed by shining gold.  I washed them with gryphonne, drybrushed with mithril then washed again with gryphonne.  The windows are done like lenses I promise!  They're just too tiny to notice on a photo - or in real life for that matter.   Not sure why I bothered.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Argonaut Land Speeder Storm Finished

I finially finished this. I want to thank everyone for the suggestions they gave on the model itself. I ended up dumping the guy that originally was hanging off the side and I removed the rear wheels and replaced them with the full on armour encasement. It made it look more bulky and functional.

I still have a second one of these 75% built to finish, but I need to aquire more wheel wells first.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Lucky purchase

I lucked out today and picked up someones 'collection' as they sold out of 40k.  I had to drive out of town to pick everything up but it was well worth it:

12 functional GW paints (full)
5 man assault squad (assembled)
5 man assault squad (painted)
10 man tactical squad (painted)
5 man tactical squad (painted)
5 man scout squad (sprue)
Predator (sprue)
Ironclad Dreadnought (sprue)

Anyway this was all just $50!  A bit of greenstuff and I should be well on my way to starting some Crimson Fists.  Two of the paints were even Mordian Blue!

Night Hawks Scouts

I finally have a camera again so I can post up something I finished a month ago.  I've got two storms that I've converted and needed some guys to ride along.  I realize close combat scouts are probably better in the storm but I hate the model.  Bolter scouts look sweet and I attached kroot muzzles to these to make a stalker-pattern bolt gun.  This way when they double as sniper scouts noone will mind.  The helmets are from pigiron and are my favourite part of these models.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Warmill Terrain 1st Thoughts

So I ordered the Warmill terrain table-edge pack with an extra 3 wall sections last week.  This thing shipped and arrived on my door in less than a week from overseas!  Talk about turn around time.  The guys at Warmill didn't hesitate to ship this that's for sure. 

So this thing is heavy!  The box weighted in at 3lbs according to customs which was pretty heavy for how small the pack is (see photo).  I put together one section just to scale it and see how easy it would be.  The rest will have to wait until I have time.


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