Imperial Guard Hydra Conversion

I'm sure everyone has seen attempts at this before, but I tried to take a bit more time and make something that didn't look like an aegis line glued to a chimera.  I extended the gun barrels with plastic rods to give them more length on par with the increased profile they receive in the codex.  I set the tank ring back to be more centred on the hull as well.  And to give it a bit of personality I tossed a gunner on top.  I'm really not sure how much help he'd be but he's sure going to try!  A few sheets of plasticard were required on the bottom and another large tube of plasticard so that it would sit in the default hole of a chimera.  This makes it have rotation while being swappable to a standard chimera turret when I would rather have a transport. 


  1. Nice work, looks perfectly suitable. And the fact that you can swap it out since you added those extra pieces of plasticard on the bottom makes it even better.

    Ron, FTW

  2. Looks awesome! What is the center part made from? Is it still parts from the Aegis line?

  3. Really do like to look, something I might try in the near future.


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