[BatRep] 1500 Blood Angels vs. Raven Guard

Raven Guard Army
Here's another battle report, again from the eyes of my opponent.  I do have to say though that I am thoroughly bored with 2 objective games.  They're really bland and I don't know if I've ever ended one that wasn't a draw.  I also reinforced my dislike of landraiders.  They're such a pointsink for nothing.  My list wasn't very good anyway (no focus) and I think I would have lost both killpoints and a 3-5 objective game, but still - the landraider is bad.  I also really missed having a baal pred.  Anyway on with the report (I'd look at the pretty pictures because the game itself wasn't very exciting due to mission type).

I roll up a Capture and Control with a Pitched Battle Deployment. Raven Guard go first followed by the Blood Angels. Point limit is 1500 per side.

Raven Guard
Scouts [Telion, ML, 3 Snipers, 5 CCW]
Tac Squad [Sgt w/ Combi-melta, Meltagun, Lascannon, Razorback]
Assault Terminators [x3 TH+SS, x2 LC]
Land Speeder Storm [MM]
Devastators [x2 Plasma Cannon x2 ML, x10 models]

Blood Angels
Librarian [Shield of Sang. STR 10 power]
5man assault squad, melta [Rhino]
5man assault squad, melta [Rhino]
5man assault squad, melta [Rhino]
Furioso [Blood Claws, Drop Pod]
Assault Terminators [x5 TH +SS]
Land Raider (lascannons)
Predator [Flamestorm]
Predator [Lascannon/Autocannon]
Predator [Lascanoon/Autocannon]

Turn 1 - Raven Guard

Raven Guard Base
Ambit fails to seize so I go first. I had infiltrated Shrike along with his Terminators on the far left flank, hoping to throw a left hook towards Ambit's home objective, knowing that mine would be fairly safe, with a group of Scouts with Telion, holding it in a bolstered ruin on the far right flank. Both of us broke our forces into two groups, one to hold our base, and one to make a play on the enemies.
Strike Force

I break Shrike off and disembark the Scouts from the Speeder whom I had Scout Moved to be within assault range of one Rhino so they can take it together. The Termies move to support the main strike force. My Ironclad stomps forward through the barriers, effectively standing ground in the middle of the battlefield, while the other Ironclad is supporting my firebase on the ground floor, giving Ambit something to think about. The Razorback with its melta combat squad roars forward 12" and deploys its Smoke Launcher. Shooting sees alot of units run, including Shrike and his Scouts, the Termies, and the Ironclad. Shooting sees absolutely nothing occur as I either miss or fail to penentrate his bulk AV13 mix. Assault sees Shrike and his Scouts destroy the Rhino.
Rhino destroyed

Turn 1 - Blood Angels

Flamestorm Death
Ambit streaks his Predator with the Flamestorm straight into firing range of my Tac Marine combat squad with the Lascannon since he also used it's scout move to close that gap earlier. I admit here my mind was swarming with whatever Litany of Jinxing I could think of. He shuffles the other Predators to gain firing lanes onto Shrike and my homebase Ironclad. The Land Raider trundles forward ready to unleash Lascannon death into the Ironclad standing in defiance directly ahead of it. Since he does not want to go head to head with my homebase Ironclad, he drops his near his Land Raider, but scatters back into the ruins near his base.

Incoming Furioso
His shooting phase is on the whole, ineffectual. His Flamestorm manages to down 2 Tac marines, but I pass their Ld test. His marines and Predators pour fire into Shrike and the scouts, wounding Shrike and taking down a scout. His Land Raider opens fire on my Ironclad but the ancients armor holds true. He fires into my other Ironclad with his second Predator, but manages no result as the cover from my bolstered ruin saves him. He then assaults into Shrike and his scouts, which sees a decisive victory for the Ravens, as he is left with only one marine standing and I lose two scouts.

Turn 2 - Raven Guard

This turn the Ravens pour on the pressure, as I race my Razorback towards his objective, with his Furioso looming in the distance. My Terminators stride forwards, making their way towards his Flamestorm Predator. I send the Speeder round to go and prepare to pickup any scouts that can survive to my turn 3. The central Ironclad stomps menacingly towards his Land Raider. Shooting is again, not that effective. The Ironclad destroys a Lascannon on the Land Raider, as the Termies run towards the Predator. I launch my Tremor shell into his Furioso, hoping to slow its movement into my Razorback. My Plasma Cannons, lay dormant, no targets to see. The Speeder manages to stun the Predator in front of it. The Scouts pour fire into his Predator on the right flank, but cannot breach it, along with the second combat squad of devastators.
The Terminators end the Flamestorm threat

The Ironclad wrecks the Land Raider
Assault is devastating in this phase, as it sees the loss of his final Tac Marine to Shrike, who consolidates towards his objective. The Ironclad wrecks the Land Raider with his Seismic Hammer, and the Terminators destroy the Flamestorm outright.

Turn 2 - Blood Angels

At this point, Ambit decides to move his Terminators away from the Ironclad, and break his Librarian off into the nearby ruin holding his troops. He begins to collapse his forces inwards towards his own base, hoping to create a strong bastion of resistance. His Furioso takes a shot at my Razorback but is unable to hit it. His other shooting is largely ineffective, This turn sees no assaults launched by the Blood Angels.

His Terminators wait to receive the Ironclad's impending assault.
Turn 3 - Raven Guard

This turn sees me pile my remaining Scout into the Speeder, and my Ironclad crawls over the wreckage of the Land Raider and Shrike fires his jump pack off in the direction of the enemy base and his Predator...At this juncture I move my other Ironclad out of the ruin and towards the centre of the table, since no threat exists to come into my own base. I forego shooting the Ironclad and instead run/climb over the Raider, closer to his terminators. My other Ironclad runs up, as do the termies to support the Razorback. My Speeder then makes its way to support Shrike prior to the shooting phase as well. Assault sees my Ironclad tear into the Terminators, killing one, but vengeance is his, as they manage to wreck the Ironclad and stop its reign of carnage in the middle.

Turn 3 - Blood Angels

Ambit now moves his Terminators closer to his own objective, and makes sure his Rhino is hidden from my view but holding. He then opens fire with his Lascannon into Shrike, and alas, the dice clatters to the table revealing a 3, the Iron Halo not able to keep Shrike in the fight. His second Predator fires into my Speeder, downinh it and the resulting explosion kills the scout remaining inside. His Furioso fires into my Razorback, wrecking it and forces the Marines to disemabark out the back, denying him the ability to assault. A Furioso with Blood Claws will ruin any Marines day...
Chalk up one Razorback

The last view of the battle from Shrike's pict recorder
Turn 4 - Raven Guard

My Tac Marines move up to to unload their meltaguns into the Furioso, with the terminators making their way in the fray, running straight towards the Furioso. I continue to move the second Ironclad as far as I can, hoping to get him into the battle. Shooting sees my Lascannon shake a Predator from combined missile and Lascannon fire. The TFC has no target, but my Plasma cannons fire their super hot gouts of AP2 death into his Librarian, who fails both cover saves and decides he's had enough on the day. My meltaguns do absolutely nothing to the Furioso, but luckily reinforcement arrives as the Terminators assault into the Furioso, scoring no results, and I lose one to his dreadnought.

Deliverance trains the faithful.
Turn 4 - Blood Angels

Ambit moves his terminators to cover the left flank of his firebase and swings his Predator round to fire into the Tac Marines, while the other prepares to let loose into my other Ironclad. His shooting between various storm bolters, lascannons, and autocannons, sees a marine go down in the Tac Squad. This turn his Furioso gets Immobilized and Stunned, but not without taking down another terminator.

Turn 5 - Raven Guard

Nothing doing but to continue to move the Tac Squad ever closer to his base, knowing full well the death that awaits them at the hands of the Hammernators nearby. The Tac Squad moves up and the meltagun takes aim at the pesky Predator blocking his way, reducing it to a pile of rubble. My Devs fire at this drop pod to no effect, and the Scout with Telion's guidance Immobilizes the last Predator. Assault sees me whiff against the Furioso again, and I lose two Terminators this time, but they hold fast.

Their objective is in sight...
Turn 5 - Blood Angels

Ambit moves his Terminators in for the kill on the encroaching Tac Squad and thusly wipes them all in the assault that ensues. His dreadnought claims another Terminator and I continue to be stuck in with his Furioso, unable to roll the results needed to get a damage result. Ambit rolls to a Turn 6.

Turn 6 - Raven Guard

My Ironclad races foward, and with a Turn 7 he would be able to chew threw the second of Ambit's Rhino's hidden in the ruins near his objective. Shooting sees my Scout finally end the last Predator and the Assault sees his dreadnought take the second last Terminator, only the Sgt remains.
Good shot Red 2!

Turn 6 - Blood Angels

Nothing but the dreadnought assault, where the Sgt and his Furioso remain deadlocked, unable to bring each other down. I roll for 7 but no dice as it where. The game ends after 6.

Blood Angel Base secure.

Raven Guard base secure.

A draw, typical C & C game in 40k. I though overall that I played well this game, just wasn't able to keep moving forward after about Turn 4, he halted my advance and covered his base well. I think another Turn would have seen my Ironclad destroy a his second last Rhino and if only my Terminators could have brought down that Furioso they would have been in the fight for his base a Turn or two earlier. Good game all around though.