[BatRep] Blood Angels vs Raven Guard 1500 points

I 'borrowed' this battle report from a friend of mine's new blog "Stalking Among Shadows".  I have 'edited' it slightly to reflect what really happened ;).

Anyway we had a 1500 point Seize Ground - DoW game last week which is told through my opponents point of view.

His List: Raven Guard
Sicarius w/Command Squad [Comp. Champ, Standard, x2 Meltaguns, Razorback]
Tac Squad [Lascannon, MeltaGun, Combi-Melta]
Scouts [x4 Combat Blade, Power Weapon]
Scouts [Sniper Rifles, ML]
Ironclad [Chainfist, Drop Pod]
Ironclad [Drop Pod]
Land Speeder Storm
Land Speeder Sq [+1 Model, x2 Typhoon launcher]
Predator [x2 Lascannon Sponson]

My Army (Played as Blood Angels today)

Librarian [Shield of Sanguinius and something else that didn't matter]
Tac Squad [Razorback TL Flamer]
Scouts [Snipers]
Vanaguard Vets [Jump Packs, LC x4]
Furioso [Blood Talons]
Furioso [Blood Fists]
Furioso [Blood Fist and cannon]
Dreadnought [Plasma Cannon, DCCW]
Land Speeder Sq [+1 Model, x2 Typhoon]
Land Speeder Sq [Typhoon]
Predator[HB Sponson]
Devastators [4 ML]

Game is 5 Objectives, he (Blood Angels) takes first turn, deploying only Scouts on an objective in a small ruin.  I deploy my Tank Hunting Combat Squad with Lascannon on another objective in a tall ruin opposite his.  I also deploy my Snipers out of LOS in another ruin near an objective.  Next to them I deploy the other combat squad in their Rhino, in cover as well (oops at too many units for DoW).

Turn 1- BA [Score BA 1 RG 1]
Night fighting prohibits a lot of his shooting, but he manages to down one Tac Marine from the combat squad on the tower ruin.  The rest of his units drive on except the Vanguard Vets in reserve. They occupy mostly the center, and his dreads come in on my left, his speeders on my right.

Turn 1 - RG [BA 1 RG 1]
I drop my first Ironclad in a safe spot near his Ironclads on the left.  My predator rolls on to back him up.  The remainder of my forces come on scattered across the board.  Sicarius and his command squad roll up into central cover.  The Speeders take up position on the right corner.  I've reserved my Storm and other Drop pod.  Shooting is entirely ineffectual due to Night Fighting.

 Turn 2 - BA [BA 1 RG 1]
This turn he runs his Dreads forward, peeling off his Blood Talon to center objectives and my razorback inevitable location.  He flies one Speeder into position to fire upon my Ironclad.  The other Speeders maneuver to fire at mine.  Other shuffling occurs.  Shooting sees the loss of the entire Tac Squad to the Predator; the heavy bolter getting exceptionally great rolls.  He manages to stun one of my Speeders here as well.

Turn 2 - RG [BA 1 RG 0]
My 2nd Drop pod arrives and I place it next to the 1st one, both Ironclads are now together and making their way toward his dreads and scouts.  I move my remaining Speeder and roll Sicarius straight toward the central objective, popping smoke (this will turn out to be a critical play).  My missile launcher scout shuffles to gain LOS to the central targets.  Shooting sees the Predator destroy one Blood Fists Dread.

Turn 3 - BA [BA 1 RG 0]
This turn TheAmbit's Vanguard Vets arrive and declare Heroic Intervention and attempt to DS near my scouts but scatter closer to my Razorback bearing Sicarius and his CS.  He moves his Speeders to gain optimum firing against mine and shuffles several units including his other Speeder, Furioso dreads, and Razorback bearing his Tac Squad + Libby.  His Speeders fire at mine, wrecking one and stunning the other.  Now for the ridiculous part, he proceeds to fire almost every unit at his disposal at Sicarius’ Razorback, which after popping smoke, had a 4+ cover save from all shooting.  From his Predator, Devs, Plasma Cannon, Typhoon Launchers, I go on a hot streak passing all saves ranging from glances to pens.  His Vanguard attempt to grenade it in the assault but cannot hit it.

Turn 3 - RG [BA 1 RG 0]
My Storm arrives and I plow it toward an objective on the Skyshield Landing Pad, not knowing how crucial this was to come.  I move my Ironclads into firing position on his encroaching Furioso, shuffle the Predator to gain purchase on his lone Speeder, and Flat Out my remaining Speeder.  One critical error is I do not move Sicarius's Razorback as he and his CS disembark, determined to lay low his Vets.  My Rhino containing combat squad 2 moves out of cover into some more cover, closer to the central objectives.  Shooting sees my Predator destroy his lone Speeder, my HB on my Razorback forces the Dev's to fall back, and my CS fires at his vets, to no effect. My Ironclads fire at his Furioso with their Meltas, to no effect thanks to his smoke, and my Drop Pods, kill a scout.  Assault sees Sicarius and my Company Champion end the Vanguard vets and consolidate into cover, eyeing his plasma cannon dread...

Turn 4 - BA [BA 1 RG 1]
At this point TheAmbit steels himself and begins to send his Furioso Blood Fists to my Ironclads, his Furioso Blood Talons towards my Rhino and shuffles to gain firing lanes, his Devs Regroup.  He proceeds to explode my Razorback and wreck my remaining Speeder.  His plasma dread fires at Sicarius and his squad, forcing a wound to Sicarius and taking both meltagun heroes with it.  His Furioso then engages my Ironclad, with both dreads wiffing their attacks and no result.

Turn 4 - RG [BA 1 RG 1]
Tac Team 2 disembarks their Rhino and makes headway onto his Razorback with Libby and Tacs and the center objective.  The Predator relocates to gain firing position on the center of the battlefield and smokes.  Sicarius and his squad take better cover.  The Storm moves within 3" of their objective and holds it.  I break off Ironclad 2 towards the middle, hoping to end that Plasma toting brother in armor.  My tac squad meltas destroy his Razorback and take 4 marines with it.  The storm ends the life of another Dev.  Assault sees my Ironclad destroy his Furioso, and consolidate towards his scouts.

Turn 5 -BA [BA 1 RG 2]
TheAmbit moves his Furioso into position to destroy Tac Team 2 with its Blood Talons.  His Libby and Tac make a move to an objective in his deployment zone.  Shooting sees the loss of my Rhino.  Assault sees his Furioso tear my marines apart, as his special rule allows to lay them all low in a single round.  He consolidates towards Sicarius and the CS.

Turn 5 - RG [BA 1 RG 2]
My Ironclad stomps into the ruin with his scouts, Sicarius brace for the incoming Furioso.  The Storm takes out another Dev, the Predator tries for his Predator, no effect, and my other Ironclad wiffs on his meltagun into his plasma dread.  Assault sees my Ironclad, immobilize and stun his dread, but he's wrecked in the process. We roll for 6 and game on.

Turn 6 BA [BA 0 RG 1]
TheAmbit moves his Libby Tac onto his objective, and swoops his last speeder to contest my remaining objective.  Shuffles his scouts to hope to destroy my Ironclad from shooting.  This doesn't happen but his Furioso kills all the CS except Sicarius, who Combat Tactics out of the fight and falls back.

Turn 6 RG [BA 1 RG 0]
I need to end that speeder contesting my objective so I pour the Predator, Scouts (whom I did not disemark to assault it, second big mistake of the game), Sicarius's plasma pistol after he regrouped, and manage to immobilize and stun it.  My Ironclad kills his Scouts and moves towards the Libby Tac.  We roll for 7 and game on.

Turn 7 BA [BA 1 RG 0]
This turn sees his predator and devs shoot my pred and destroy a lascannon but worse, shake it.    It all comes down to this...

Turn 7 RG [BA 1 RG 0]
My Predator gone my Ironclad fires up on his Libby Tac but the Libby saves the one wound.  I disembark and fire the bolt pistols and plasma pistols at the Speeder but gain only two shaken results.  I then assault it and find that all I can do is shake and stun it with my grenades, the BA Speeder wins the game and with a triumphant roar from TheAmbit, seals the fate of the RavenGuard.

Stars of the match:
Sicarius and his razorback withstood the full power of the Blood Angels for an entire round and then wiped out the vanguard vets

lood Talon Dreadnought: destroyed the command squad and a combat squad
Blood Angel Typhoon: contested an objective for the win withstanding numerous penetrating hits for two rounds.


  1. "oops at too many units for DoW" Balls. That was 3 Troops. How'd we miss that? Obviously too consumed with that FAQ...


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