AoBR Converted Ork Warbikes

Back when I was making my ork army I had a huge surplus of copters and didn't really want to play 10 of them.  So I decided to make some warbikes out of the parts.  After converting some trucks and battle wagons I had spare tires but not enough to put 2 per bike.  Because of that I made skidoo type machines that would partially roll and partially slide.

Each one ended up a bit different so I painted them all different colours.  Each ork has his own favourite colours you know!  My favourite though is the one with the tau gundrone following for fire support.
You can see in the unpainted photo how everything was attached.  I carved out the old missile launcher areas OR the engine compartment to add space for a wheel and then attached it with the propeller blades.


  1. Great looking bikes man!. I have some I am modeling up that are strangely similar. I guess Ork minds think alike. I have the pics but have not posted them yet. Will get them up soon.

    Question for you. do you use these as Bikes or Nob Bikers?

    1. These were used as just bikes. The nob of the squad was just modelled with a nobs head (deffkopta bodies are pretty nob like in size if you compare them). I always played my orks as more of a horde so having nob bikers take up 50% of my points wasn't really in my playstyle. That said, these were larger than ork bikes by a fair bit so I'm sure they'd make excellent nob bikers.

  2. For me these are much Orkier than the official bikes, more alien. Getting them from koptas is a great trick too, and very useful.


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