Ork Trukk 2 fer 1

Here are the ork trukks that I used to cart around my boys.  I say "2 for 1" because I only bought 1 trukk kit.  I used leftover bits from a battle wagon to make two trukks out of one kit.  Bits of sprue for the chasis and some random parts and I saved 35 bucks.  The metal was done with boltgun and a few washes (something I made from scorched brown).  I probably could have saved time with tin bitz but didn't own any at the time.  I really like the engines on them too.  The one is made from a tau ion cannon which really looks like a V6.  The other I just am partial to the nos kit.  I didn't learn my lesson from these guys and ended up painting 30 other boys as 'ard boys in yellow.  I'll show them later.