Warmill Terrain 1st Thoughts

So I ordered the Warmill terrain table-edge pack with an extra 3 wall sections last week.  This thing shipped and arrived on my door in less than a week from overseas!  Talk about turn around time.  The guys at Warmill didn't hesitate to ship this that's for sure. 

So this thing is heavy!  The box weighted in at 3lbs according to customs which was pretty heavy for how small the pack is (see photo).  I put together one section just to scale it and see how easy it would be.  The rest will have to wait until I have time.

It's a little bit loose (they say it is snap fit) which would not be a problem if you didn't intend to paint it but since I do, I think I'll use some wood glue to tac a few pieces together so there's no sliding around (don't want to chip my paint). 

Everything comes in an MDF 'sprue' which you pop the pieces out from.  I'd suggest being a bit careful so they don't snap.  None of mine did but I was careful.  Maybe I'm just paranoid.  They're attached to the sprue by 1-2 pieces each but can usually be 'spun' free.  A little nub from the attachment point needs trimming but other than that the finish is smooth and won't require any sanding or much tidying before you paint.  A few loose pieces of wood fibre hang to the outside here and there but compared to plastic/resin flashing these things are clean!

I can't wait to throw the rest of this together for an apocalypse game and get it painted.  The detail is really nice.  As far as thickness it has about the same thickness as a standard GW building (3 mm) and looks 'just right'.  It's a bit pricey (my kit cost around $75 after shipping) compared to say GW aegis defense line but it is WAY bigger and prettier to look at.

Time will tell if it can hold up to game abuse as far as paint goes but I don't see why it wouldn't.  You can see my 2 scouts hanging out on a straight section so this thing is pretty big.  Again, for $75 I get 5 of these sections, 2 corners and a massive gatehouse with sentry towers.  It should span about 4 feet by 1 foot and a half when arranged with everything.


  1. They look rather nice! What are your plans with regards to scheme etc.?

  2. I think for speed (there is so much of this stuff) that I'll probably spray prime it black then airbrush a dark grey top-down on it for shading then drybrush it with a light grey. That's probably the easiest I can do and make it look decent. Otherwise I'd be here forever (there's like a metre and half of it).


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