Lucky purchase

I lucked out today and picked up someones 'collection' as they sold out of 40k.  I had to drive out of town to pick everything up but it was well worth it:

12 functional GW paints (full)
5 man assault squad (assembled)
5 man assault squad (painted)
10 man tactical squad (painted)
5 man tactical squad (painted)
5 man scout squad (sprue)
Predator (sprue)
Ironclad Dreadnought (sprue)

Anyway this was all just $50!  A bit of greenstuff and I should be well on my way to starting some Crimson Fists.  Two of the paints were even Mordian Blue!


  1. Damn man, that's a haul. Remember when stripping paint, use Simple Green (holds bottle aloft in palm with cheesy grin bling)

    Look forward to the Ironclad particularly.

    - Seb

    1. I have a model sitting in simple green (it's been there for a week) and only the boltgun metal and wash have come off. The Tausept Ochre hasn't even thinned. Is that paint a magic paint or maybe I've reused my simple green too much?

  2. I've used Simple Green and have seen some models stripped easily, while others held on for quite awhile. I've noticed that the type of primer that was used originally on the model can have an effect on it. Some just hold the paint better! I have had to scrub a few models, then put them back in for another dip. So you might have to give that a try.

    Now for that advice, please send me Assault Marines' legs.

    1. They've been sitting in there for a week and I've taken a toothbrush to them a couple times. Still no luck. Maybe you're onto something with the base primer holding the foundation too well though even a couple colours that were put on top of the basecoat haven't come off.

      I really think I need a new bottle. I've used simple green before and it worked so I think it's just done (I've never bothered to look if the stuff is reusable).

      Turns out the assault marines weren't on sprue so there's no spare legs! Besides they're going end up becoming part of my Crimson Fist company. Well my ragtag left overs of one.


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