Night Hawks Converted Rifleman Dread WIP

Here's a photo of a dreadnought I've been working on for my Night Hawks.  Originally I was going to attempt to model wheels on him but the proportions were all wrong and I couldn't figure out a good way to incorporate wheels and legs.  I didn't want him to just be a car but a transformer (to still function as a walker).  Regardless this plan failed so I've stuck with legs.  Fluff wise, I'll write something up to explain why a chapter of bikers would still need/want a walker with them even though he couldn't likely keep up.  I'm thinking an old captain who's centuries of experience are too worthwhile to let him join the Emperor.  The chapter can use hi m at the rear and to function as a C&C node and maintain an overall image of the battle from the ground.  Anyway just thoughts.

I've modelled all of my dreadnoughts to be taller than the squad stock versions and I'm not sure it comes across in any of the other photos I've posted.  I've posted this one with a scout for scale just for such a reason.
So here's my Rifleman!


  1. Looks good. Maybe create an open topped Rhino to transport the dread - just for fluff. Then count it as a Rhino to transport an infantry squad for game purposes. Landspeeders are open topped but dont count as open topped because the marines wear power armor.

    1. I don't plan to ever make any foot marines for this army so I think the rhino would be wasted. Good idea fluff wise but I don't think I can convince myself to buy a model that won't see play at least occassionally. Maybe a dreadnought drop pod someday but even that would likely be for the space wolves...

      Also I've seen your lamentors before somewhere..

  2. Here is my blog if you are interested. I do not have a lot of hobby time but you can take a look if you want.


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