Dystopian Wars - EotBS Tiny Fliers

After painting a lot of larger models I wanted a change of pace.  I went small; very small.  These guys are 2 cm across at the base.  It still took all night to paint them though!  I started with a basecoat of chainmail followed by shining gold.  I washed them with gryphonne, drybrushed with mithril then washed again with gryphonne.  The windows are done like lenses I promise!  They're just too tiny to notice on a photo - or in real life for that matter.   Not sure why I bothered.
The bases were done with mordian blue, then stippled with the following for clouds: enchanted blue, spacewolf grey, skull white.

It was a nice break from the stuff I've been doing lately and having a whole 'squad' done in one evening was also quite rewarding.