AoBR Deffkopta Conversions - Buzz Saw

Farewell 5th edition and 5th edition starter conversions I guess!  Here are the converted deffkoptas I made a few years ago.  I wanted to run them as a first turn assault group (didn't work well) so I needed a buzz saw.  I've seen a lot of conversions over the years but when I was looking for inspiration I didn't like all of the tacked on versions I saw.  I wanted something more integrated.  One thing my ork conversions may look like is a bit more 'practical' since I think the cartoony versions look really dumb and lazy.  Different strokes for different folks!

I took some plasticard and cut out a circle best I could and then serrated it. After cutting off all of the missiles I notched out a 1/4 of the 'pie' and fit it to the kopter. A few stubbers later and I was ready to kill some marines with a nasty buzzsaw.


  1. Look quite nice, and I must agree with the "cartoon" comment which seems to pop up on many Ork conversions. Orks shouldn't do comedy, conversions should look functional IMO.


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