Night Hawks Scouts

I finally have a camera again so I can post up something I finished a month ago.  I've got two storms that I've converted and needed some guys to ride along.  I realize close combat scouts are probably better in the storm but I hate the model.  Bolter scouts look sweet and I attached kroot muzzles to these to make a stalker-pattern bolt gun.  This way when they double as sniper scouts noone will mind.  The helmets are from pigiron and are my favourite part of these models.

Night Hawk Initiates
Recruits are not actively sought out by the Night Hawks.  Their presence on Korak is enough to inspire the young into attempting the trials.  Each year, during the drought, those wishing to join the chapter must set out from Bottom's Reach and cross the southern desert.  The Night Hawks Fortress Monastery is located at the southern pole of the planet and although close enough to the system's star to prevent polar ice caps from forming, the climate changes from a dry heat to a baren tundra as one passes the southern latitudes. 
Leaving Bottom's Reach with only what can be placed in a pack, the hopefuls must survive the 2 month journy across the barrens.  The extreme temperature changes and lack of resources puts the body and mind of each boy to the test.  Those that complete the journey can begin the process of gene screening to ensure that they're compatible with the gene-seed.  Those who are not genetically fit for implantation yet survive the journey receive the respect of the chapter; more than enough to ensure they rise quickly through the ranks of their tribe upon returning home.

The Night Hawks have no formal limit on induction and the 9th Company has ranged in size from 50 to well over 300 scouts in recent centuries.  Here within the 9th Company the novitiates hone their phyisical and mental abilities and learn the battle and cultural traditions of the Night Hawks.  A distinct hierarchy is present within the 9th.  Recent recruits take to battle in the Argonaught Storms ever-present in the chapter.  Once the novitiates have proven themselves ready, they can pilot the Storms or take to scout bikes to further their training.  Upon achieving full maturity the marine is granted his 'wings'.  This mark he will wear until death as a tatoo on his left shoulder and a matching insignia upon his left pauldron.  These marines will either take their new battle armour and bike to a reserve company or those with the aptitude will stay in the 9th as scout sergeants to train the next generation.


  1. where did you get the helmets from? I was thinking of enclosed helmets for my landspeeder storm crews

    1. Like this crew?


      They're from PigIron. They were really nice to work with and had minimal mould lines (easily removed with back blading a hobby knife). Hope that helps.


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