Thursday, 31 May 2012

Tyrant's Legion and 1750 List

I just learned today about the IA9 Tyrant's Legion list.  I have the book but never bothered to read the army list.  It's REALLY cool.  It lets you build an army with both Space Marine and Imperial Guard but not in a fashion that's like allies, but a restrictive army list that only lets you choose certain units which have pretty different rules than you'd normally see.  Anyway since I have a guard army and MANY marine armies I'm going to try this out next game I play.  Hopefully my opponent doesn't read this!  If anyone has tried out some stuff from this book let me know any tips or tricks you've found or fun things so I can try them out.  I was really going for an army here without spamming stuff. 

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Painted SM Jetbike Command Squad

Here's my command squad that I finished last week.  Took a while to post as I had some of those other projects creep in!  I converted all of these guys to have the same jetbikes as my librarian and captain.  Members of the 1st company deserve the best equipment.  I didn't really pay much attention to WYSIWYG load out on these guys because I don't really care.  I just went for a nice mix of different items that looked cool.  They do all have magnet attachments on the side though for speacial weapons. 

Monday, 28 May 2012

Sanguinary Guard with Jump Pack

I played a game yesterday with  my Blood Angels and tried out a bunch of infantry which is pretty contrary to my usual playstyle.  Anyway I was inspired to make a sanguinary guard model with a jump pack and sat down, built and painted him in 2 evenings.  I usually paint in batches but it was very refreshing to just paint a single model and watch it come together so quickly.  A friend of mine ONLY paints this way even when doing squads and I can see the appeal.  I'm still going to do batch painting for the speed but it was a nice change.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Night Hawks Librarian on Bike

My librarian on a bike is complete.  This was the first jetbike I put together and this guy was reworked a couple times.  The first try had a home-made psychic hood from a shoulder pad that never looked right to me.  I ended up removing that and using a grey knight pack instead.  I also changed up the shoulder pad once I found the forgeworld one from sevrin loth.  The staff on this guy is from a terminator librarian. 

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Night Hawks Techmarine on Bike

Techmarine Thurion is is visible here astride his heavily modified bike.  The bike mounts powerful energy projectors which can focus on a distant point to deliver energy at devistating effect.  The rugged design of the bike required mounting apparatus for the weapon system with minimal moving parts which hampers the system's ability to converge on a single point with increasing proximity therefore the weapon reaches its most extreme potential with increasing range.  Thurion is no stranger to battle however he is more at peace tinkering with machines and does not stray without his servo arm. 

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

New 40k Flier Photos!

Man this is ugly! I was really hoping the leaked sketch wasn't accurate but I guess it's bang on.  I really will need to see this in person becuase this picture is not nice.  Much like the storm raven I guess.  I just don't really like how the weapons all seem tacked onto the bottom.  I'll probably want one of these for completeness of my force (then again if it's fast attack it doesn't fit with my bike army anyway) but will probably wait to see if a nice conversion can be made.  It even looks too small to be on the flying base; at least that stand looks to dwarf the model.

The lure of nurgle - to start an army

I started playing 40k back in 2007 and have gone through many armies since then.  The one that has always inspired me but I never felt skilled enough (or rich enough) to paint was nurgle.  5 years later I think it might be time.  I have so many projects on the go right now but I'm letting my impulse buys take over.  It's kind of cool to have a bunch of projects on the go and be able to pick which one to work on when you get bored of something.  Keeps it fresh.  I've actually been painting a lot lately since I have had 4 projects on the go simultaniously.  Between modelling, casting and painting I'm motivated to always be working on something.

Monday, 21 May 2012

EotBS Painted Battlefleet

I've had these sitting on my desk since just after Christmas - no lie.  I got a friend into the game which inspired me to start but he's horribly unreliable to play games (very busy career and a wedding incoming) so I haven't gotten to play much.  There's been no motivation to finish these  until last night when I realized there were really only a couple hours of work left and I was tired of looking at them and having them in the way!

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Nighthawks Rifleman Dreadnought

Typhon; former veteran sgt. 1st company;
fatally wounded 124 M39
I finished painting up SO much last night.  a 5 man command squad, librarian and techmarine all on bikes plus this dread.  I'll show them all over the next few days.  This is my rifleman dreadnought for the Nighthawks Chapter.  I converted the arms with venerable dreadnought shoulders and cut up some autocannons from the aegis defense line.  I've seen a lot of people simply glue those guns to the dreadnought but they look really tiny and the attachment is too weak.  Adding these shoulders makes it actually look like a dreadnought and is super easy.  Especially since the venerable dreadnought kit comes with like 3 pairs it's not hard to have extra.  The body is a Mark IV Ironclad from forgeworld.  I've added extensions to the legs to make him taller by about 1/2" so that he isn't as squat.  I've done this with all of my other dreadnoughts and figured I couldn't stop now.  I added a bunch of ravenwing bits to it to make it blend in with the rest of my army and there you have it!

Monday, 14 May 2012

Shas'O Kais Tau Commander Conversion and Instructions

Here's my take on Shas'O Kais from DoW.  It took quite a few bits to kit bash but luckily they're mostly stealthsuits which no one uses anyway!

Here are some digital instructions on how to build one:  Link

This was one of the first conversions I did and you can tell how old it is by the bad paint job.  Eitherway I'd suggest trying it out yourself as it was pretty cool and he stands out as a commander among the rest of your suits.

Friday, 11 May 2012

BA Sanguine Sword persists through game?!

Interesting thing came up today with regards to the Sanguine Sword psychic ability and whether it 'ends'.

Relevant rules:

General rules on psychic powers BRB Pg 50

"Psykers can use one psychic power per player turn." Check, I will choose sanguine sword.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Converted Tau Crisis Suit Firestorms

Yeah I know there aren't many crisis suits on the internet that aren't converted but here are my 3 favourite that I had built.  I really tried to get rid of the static poses and you can tell the two in the background have stealthsuit legs (it gives them a hoof instead).  This is also how I ran my teams of 3 so that I could abuse wound allocation.  1 suit was a team leader with a twin linked missile pod and burst cannon, another with a missile pod and burst cannon, and a third with a tl missile pod and a flamer.  This way I could maximize the amount of 7-4 shots which is really the unit's strong suit in my opinion.  This is also the cheapest effective way to abuse wounds in my opinion since you can always be shooting 6 missile launchers and 6 burst cannon shots (the flamer isn't multi tracked and is just backup for 5 points).  Anyway I'm sure other people prefer fireknives but give these a try!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Current Projects

I don't really have anything finished to show as I busted out my last batch of 3 projects all at once.  So I figured I'd show what I'm currently working on.  Currently I have a command squad on jet bikes, a tech marine on bike, librarian on jetbike and a rifleman dreadnought.  I'm done with the basecoats so now it's on to airbrushing.  I'm not sure what colour to do the dreadnought helmet yet - maybe boltgun metal or white.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

[BatRep] Apoc - The Defense of CH22 - Finale

The Devastators Hold their Ground
The sky was blackening over CH22, black clouds were gathering and begin to spiral overhead. Arcs of red lightning wove its way through them, sometimes striking the ground. The Renegade ritual was nearing completion, and with all forces severely decimated the outcome was not a favourable one indeed. The Orks had managed to reduce the bastion to a shell of its former self, and repelled the Renegade assault.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

[BatRep] Apoc - The Defense of CH22 - Chapter 4

The Renegades Turn To the Orks
"This battle is nearing it's completion, send the remaining Berserkers against the Orks, we need more skulls for the Skull Throne", cackled the Champion of the Renegades. "More death, more destruction, this battlefield will be lit aflame and it will consume everyone and everything in it!!" And with that, the Renegade forces began moving towards the central battle line, eager to get to grips with the Ork Warband. Now that they had killed almost all the Imperial resistance on the left flank, they needed more to kill and the greenskins would be taken completely unaware.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

'Leaked' Space Marine Stormtalon Gunship

Space Marine Stormtalon Gunship :130pts
BS:4 AV11/11/11
Fast Skimmer, Aerial Assault, Supersonic
Ceramite Plating
Escort Craft: Place unit on table within 6" of another unit that arrived from Deepstrike, or Reserve.
Hoverstrike: Stay stationary to gain +1BS
TL Assault Cannon
TL Heavy Bolter - upgradable to either:
TL Typhoon Missile Launchers
TL Skyhammer Launchers - S:7 AP:4 Heavy3 R:60"

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

[BatRep] Apoc - The Defense of CH22 - Chapter 3

Ever vigilant
"Forward ya gitz!!! Smash inta da towerz and wreck da place up! We's don need no bika boss ta tellz us how ta destroy stuff." The Big Mek was now in full command after wrestling the infighting Orks back under his command. With renewed vigour the Orks barrelled into the bastion, their Deff-Rollas making short work of the defences and anything else that stood in their way. "We's gonna care em' up and serve em' to our squiqs lads! Send the Deffkoptas in and drop da bombs on der headz!" Overhead the swooping, banging sounds of the Koptas carried forth on black smoke. Dropping their bombs directly over the bastion and sending soldiers and Astartes flying for cover. "BWAHAHAHAH!! Dis is what fightin' is about lads!"

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

[BatRep] Apoc - The Defense of CH22 - Chapter 2

Raptors Inbound!
The left flank of CH22 was nothing but a charnel house. Guardsman were falling, either dying at the hands of the Berserkers, or retreating towards the bastion in a futile effort to separate themselves from the invaders. But this is exactly what the renegades wanted, they needed to clear space, for the next several moments would break the morale and fighting spirit of both humans and the lapdogs of the corpse emperor. Amongst the sound of lasguns, chainaxes, and frenzied screaming of the renegades, a new sound began to manifest. A throaty hum that that at its finale, tore a hole in reality itself and through stepped a creature of


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