[BatRep] Apoc - The Defense of CH22 - Chapter 3

Ever vigilant
"Forward ya gitz!!! Smash inta da towerz and wreck da place up! We's don need no bika boss ta tellz us how ta destroy stuff." The Big Mek was now in full command after wrestling the infighting Orks back under his command. With renewed vigour the Orks barrelled into the bastion, their Deff-Rollas making short work of the defences and anything else that stood in their way. "We's gonna care em' up and serve em' to our squiqs lads! Send the Deffkoptas in and drop da bombs on der headz!" Overhead the swooping, banging sounds of the Koptas carried forth on black smoke. Dropping their bombs directly over the bastion and sending soldiers and Astartes flying for cover. "BWAHAHAHAH!! Dis is what fightin' is about lads!"

The Deffkoptas circumvent the walls
"Captain, incoming vox communications from the Space Wolf detachment." "This is the commander of Raven Guard forces, identify and respond."

"Well met Brother Captain, I am the Commander of the Space Wolf force. My Long Fangs and I have engaged the Night Lord Terminators on the right flank. Begin diverting your forces to the left flank to help solidify our position."

"Acknowledged, Commander. Battle tactica and grid/squad assignments are available for upload from this link. Raven Guard out." Now that the pleasantries were dealt with, the Raven Guard commander had to focus on sealing the breach. Only the Devastator Gatehouse remained, the Astartes uncompromising and unwilling to surrender it to the greenskins.

The Night Lord Champion is nigh unstoppable
"My Lord, our champion has destroyed the Raven Guard Raider, but it appears that it does not carry the archeo-tech we seek, He is now engaging their infernal Librarian and gives you his personal assurance that their psychic interference will hinder you no more." "Excellent. Begin preparations for the final to this damnable concerto. Have the Havocs maintained their position?" "Affirmative my Lord." "The end comes swiftly for these fools and the puppets of the corpse god." Nearby, a raging battle was taking place between all that remained of the Night Lord Berserkers. Their champion stood alone against the Raven Guard psyker and his bodyguard.

The Orks are first into the breach
"You will DIE here psyker! I will ensure your corpse is not recognisable and your geneseed turned to a pathetic slurry before your second heart stops beating this day!" The Librarian and Champion slammed into one another, force sword and power axe singing off one another in an opera of death. The Librarian lunged forward seeing his opportunity flash before him but at the last moment, the Champion bent underneath him and rammed the power axe into his psychic hood, tearing the skin and bone from the Librarian's face. But victory did not come soon enough, for the Raven Guard bodyguard, enraged at the death of the leader, descended upon him and soon all was darkness, and he would soon be at the Throne of Khorne, his lifetime spent in servitude to his dark god.

Stand and Fight!
The Devastators Hold
"Commander Xiev, the Orks have breached our defenses and the Astartes veterans have fallen to the large bikers that remain. We must seal the breach!" "Send for the armoured columns, and tell them don't stop firing until every Ork is dead!!." But before the columns of Armour could move, a deep heavy rumbling passed through the earth, knocking supply stations and soldiers to the ground. A Space Wolf super heavy had joined the battle and moved forward, eager to plug the holes left in the battleline. Disgorging its payload, more Terminators. In deep voices, the Terminators stepped forward. "We will hold the Renegades at bay. Relocate your Armour to the right flank and lay the traitor marines to waste. We shall not falter in our duty to hold the line." And to lend credit to his words, his brethren filled the holes in the bastion as swarms of Orks began running through, their bodies began to pile high as the relentless assault of the Terminators took a high toll on the Ork forces, filling the breach with their own dead.

The Right Flank
"My Lord, at last a priority target has appeared within the bastion!" The Night Lord Sorcerer grimaced, this is what they had been waiting for. This charade of an alliance could now come to and end and they could focus on their objective. "Send word to the Havocs, engage the monstrosity and bring it down!! We must make our way within the bastion. I will hold the Raven Guard Terminators and the Sons of Russ at bay."

"Commander, our forces have incurred heavy losses, only I remain of all of our Brothers." The Runepriest was all that remained of the left flank Space Wolf contingent. His brothers lay piled around him, his anger fuelled at the thought that their geneseed would not be recovered. This foray had cost the Wolves dearly, and he would not fall until he had reaped a heavy toll on the Renegade forces.

He had been battling long and hard, and to make matters worse, his warding stave had been responsible for holding the Demon Prince's powers at bay, a terrible drain on his energy. Another group of Berserkers tore towards him, and with a flash of power, he tore the world underneath them again and again, his mental faculties near the limit, even for his gene enhanced body.

"Excellent, EXCELLENT! More sacrifices for the Blood God, the ritual is nearing completion. The fools have are all playing their parts nicely. Little puppets in our grand show to the Powers that Be!" The Renegades had just finished dispatching the Raven Guard artillery and their Techmarine crew, supplemented by their bolstered reserves of Lesser Demons. There was only one more dreaded piece left to destroy and the right flank would surely be theirs. To the East, the Demon Prince was reaping a horrifying amount of souls, none could stand in his path and survive. The Wolves had kept his powers from manifesting on this plane, but no matter, he knew that he had to drive forward, and his next target would be the last remnants of the bastard Sons of Russ, within the Bastion itself.
This is part 3 to an apocalypse game played between 6 players, written as a narrative to both make it easier to document and enhance the overall feel of the battle. The rest will be broken into 5 chapters, 1 per game turn and will include all the pictures of the battle as well. Enjoy it, we certainly did. - Scribed, written and embelished by my friend dmielken and posted originally on his blog Stalking Among Shadows