[BatRep] Apoc - The Defense of CH22 - Chapter 4

The Renegades Turn To the Orks
"This battle is nearing it's completion, send the remaining Berserkers against the Orks, we need more skulls for the Skull Throne", cackled the Champion of the Renegades. "More death, more destruction, this battlefield will be lit aflame and it will consume everyone and everything in it!!" And with that, the Renegade forces began moving towards the central battle line, eager to get to grips with the Ork Warband. Now that they had killed almost all the Imperial resistance on the left flank, they needed more to kill and the greenskins would be taken completely unaware.

Tearing into the Ork battleline, the Renegades had their chain axes and swords revving at full tilt, the motors screaming to vomit the blood and entrails stuck in their teeth. But the Orks were not caught as flat footed as the renegades had hoped.
Renegade vs. Ork who will win?

"WAAAAGGHHHHHH!!!!!" The thunderous cry of the remaining Ork warband drove them into an even higher sense of frenzy and battle lust that they were in previously. The doubled their efforts to come to grip with the foes within bastion, and to fuel their battle lust even further, the renegades had crashed into their flank as well, but the Orks are made for war, they are born sorely to kill and to slaughter, to revel in the massacre of combat. They took the Renegades with increased vigour, their choppas and sluggas turning the renegades to broken and mangled corpses.
The Techmarine defeats the Demons
"Captain, the renegades have engaged the Orks. It would appear that the western side of the bastion is a bloody struggle for control. Your orders?" "Have the remaining Thunderfire engage the renegades, hopefully the Orks will fall to collateral damage. Tactical squads collapse inward and prepare to support the remaining section of the gatehouse. Devastator squad you must hold against all odds. We cannot afford to falter. The Emperor Protects!!" "Scouts it falls to you to hold clear the path of extraction. Should we need to re-group it will be on your position"

Scouts Prepare a Fallback Route for Extraction
The battle was nearing its conclusion, the Gatehouse was beginning to fall, but the communications tower was still functional. They had lost the anti-air station and the landing pad to the renegade forces. As if things were not bad enough, the Demon Prince was running rampant throughout the bastion, making a beeline for the Communications centre. The only asset left in his way was the Space Wolf tank and the Runepriest and his retinue inside. His right flank was all but neutered thanks to the intervention and continuous psychic onslaught of the Night Lord sorcerer, his power now unchecked with the loss of the Librarian.

The Terminators cannot overcome the Sorceror's power

The Thousand Sons cut off retreat
"Colonel, your orders?" The staff sergeant was bloody and beaten, his unit desperately snapping off shots of their lasguns at the advancing enemy. "Reroute the tanks to the left flank. With the Renegades engaging the Orks, we might be able to get a good shot and decimating both of their numbers with a bit of luck." The sergeant snapped a salute and began relaying the orders to his voxcaster. With a loud smash, the command centre gave a tired groan as yet another bastion wall must have fallen to the Orks. "Those big ones are becoming a nuisance, order the remaining fire teams to take them down, alert the entrenched to fix bayonets! We'll take the fight to them and show them what the defenders of CH22 are made of!!!"

"Stomp da gitz inta tha dirt!! We's gonna have this whole place in a pile of slag soon. Dis is one fer da Orks!!!" The Big Mek was chewing on what can only be construed as some kind of cigar. As far as he was concerned they were the only ones capable of winning of the battle at this stage, despite losing their Warboss to the Ravens. They made them pay, they would make them all pay one way or another and at the end there'd be some nice new shiny bits to add to his wagons!

The Imperial Guard end the Ork Nob menace
"My Lord, firing lanes are near impossible to gain against the Space Wolf tank." "ARGH! I will not leave this wretched dust pile empty handed. We MUST destroy it and loot the proverbial carcass that remains!! What of the Ork carrier, it must surely possess something of value to us and it has exposed its underbelly to us. Havocs!! Divert your fire to the Ork aircraft carrier. If the Space Wolf tank is not an option, perhaps we can bring it down instead." Missiles streaking through the air, the all deflected harmlessly off the shield generated by the Big Mek on board. I will continue to keep these pathetic Brothers of ours at bay. Without their precious Librarian, they are

Techmarine Gudrun repairs the Venerable Plasma Cannon
powerless to stop me." The Night Lord Sorcerer's unleashed another torrent of psychic power towards the Raven Guard Terminators and the Space Wolf Long Fangs. Neither could gain any purchase or claim any forward momentum, so long as he could continuously lash them away from him. The Long Fangs were beginning to cause issue, as their heavy rate of fire was beginning to take it's toll on his retinue. No matter, as soon as his tainted brethren were able to destroy the Ork carrier, they would loot what they could and leave this forsaken rock, before the Renegades could enact whatever foul plans were running through their one track minds.

This is part 4 to an apocalypse game played between 6 players, written as a narrative to both make it easier to document and enhance the overall feel of the battle. The rest will be broken into 5 chapters, 1 per game turn and will include all the pictures of the battle as well. Enjoy it, we certainly did. - Scribed, written and embelished by my friend dmielken and posted originally on his blog Stalking Among Shadows