Tyrant's Legion and 1750 List

I just learned today about the IA9 Tyrant's Legion list.  I have the book but never bothered to read the army list.  It's REALLY cool.  It lets you build an army with both Space Marine and Imperial Guard but not in a fashion that's like allies, but a restrictive army list that only lets you choose certain units which have pretty different rules than you'd normally see.  Anyway since I have a guard army and MANY marine armies I'm going to try this out next game I play.  Hopefully my opponent doesn't read this!  If anyone has tried out some stuff from this book let me know any tips or tricks you've found or fun things so I can try them out.  I was really going for an army here without spamming stuff. 

HQ -
Huron Blackheart - he's basically a terminator chapter master with a cool lightning claw that forces invul rerolls.
Centurion - a manditory choice in 1500+, is basically a sergeant IC.

Elites - Huron opens up an elite choice from the SM codex.  I chose hammer terminators and a LR crusader as a dedicated transport.  No more to see here.

2x 10 Armsmen with a melta gun and a chimera sporting an autocannon.  I took two of these and they're basically just normal IG.  They'll be flanking and holding objectives with the autocannon.
20 Legion Auxilia with a heavy stubber and flamer.  These are like conscripts with even worse armour.  Luckily they're manditory!  They do provide a 3+ cover save to marines hiding behind them though due to a special rule.
10 Space Marines with 2 melta guns, a fist and a rhino - Basically a tactical squad but you can take two assault weapons.

More neat mixing
Leman Russ Battle Tank with 3 heavy bolters
Leman Russ Exterminator with las cannon
Predator with las sponsons - this is unlocked by having the space marine squad.

So we'll see how this plays out.  There's a lot of fire power granted by the IG units plus some heavy hitting terminators.  I'm sure there are ways to alter this list out to get a lean mean fighting machine but I'm just excited to play these two armies together and see how they interact.  Having a lot of AV 14 will be really nice too.  It's almost like having a gunline where if the enemy comes close you have some elite units to smash them with.  I encourage anyone looking for a change in their games to check this book out.  I'll also encourage my friend to post a BatRep.


  1. Cool, look forward to hearing or seeing how they do!

    I did a semi- review and a sample list a while back if you're interested in comparing notes.


    1. Cool I went and took a look and you came to a lot of the same conclusions I did! I tried a bit harder to incorporate IG tanks though cause I'm a treadhead :)

  2. Hey just came across your blog and wandered if you would be up for joining the Badab Veterans? (http://thefallenprinces.blogspot.co.uk/p/badab-veterans.html) Go have a look and if interested let me know. Thanks

    1. I'm not sure I qualify. To be honest I'm not going to paint up a Badab force, just use the army list :)

    2. Ah okay, well if you do decide to paint up a Badab force let me know :)


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