[BatRep] Apoc - The Defense of CH22 - Finale

The Devastators Hold their Ground
The sky was blackening over CH22, black clouds were gathering and begin to spiral overhead. Arcs of red lightning wove its way through them, sometimes striking the ground. The Renegade ritual was nearing completion, and with all forces severely decimated the outcome was not a favourable one indeed. The Orks had managed to reduce the bastion to a shell of its former self, and repelled the Renegade assault.

"Begin the final stage of the ritual, the blood must flow!! HYAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" The Renegades cared not that the Orks had managed to fend off their assault. The Blood God cared not whose skulls adorned the base of his throne. The last remaining forces on this doomed planet would live to see the culmination of their work, and their treachery would be exposed at the very end. "KILL! MAIM! BURNNN!!!" The chanting rose to fevered pitch.

The Techmarine ends the Lesser Demons

"Colonel, the sky. What's happening!?!" "I don't know, but whatever it is I feel that something awful is coming. May the Emperor guide us..." The Colonel was busy unloading his pistol into the Orks that roamed the compound.

The troopers braced their lasguns against the rubble. The Ork Bikers were making their way

The Orks whittle down the Renegades
directly towards them. The Astartes had failed to bring the last of the down, their infernal doctor injecting them with whatever foul machinations he had with him. "Men!! This is the end for these greenskin piles of filth. Punish them for their transgressions against the Emperor! Fire!!" Lasgun fire was unleashed in a hail of fury. Tearing into the bikers, they were felled to the last putrid Ork. But victory was short lived, as a howling cry of bestial fury was unleashed at the centre of the bastion.

The Runepriest takes the Demon Prince 1 on 1

The Runepriest stands victorious
The centre of the bastion seemed as though it was the quietest place the Runepriest had been since his inception into the ranks of the Wolves. Across from him stood the Demon Prince, mortally wounded from combat with him and his retinue, before the demon prince took them one by one with its foul unnatural power. The sky was now a ferocious black, and the streaks of red glinted across his Armour turning it a purple shade. He tore his helm from its gorget, and hefted his shield once more. "You will fall in this place, vile demon. I will send your essence screaming back to the warp, where its machinations will rend you into a million PIECES!!!!" He swung overhead, his hammer coming down into the ethereal blade of the demon prince.

The Orks take the last of the Renegades
"This battle is ours little pup of Fenris. Whether you see to my demise or not, the powers of Chaos have won this day. You feel it in your soul, the tearing of the void, you know I speak the truth. Your auguries have lied to you priest and your faith in your Corpse Emperor has proved fruitless. Where is he now? Where is he in your time of need? Your power diminishes while mine grows. That is the power of Chaos, the Power of Ruin. The demon suddenly lashed our with a blast of psychic energy, tearing into the RunePriest. Holding the priest aloft in the air, the two battled for psychic dominance. Taking his hammer in his fist, he hurled the weapon at the demon, taking it by surprise, this momentary lapse dropped the RunePriest to the ground. Hefting his shield in both hands, he slammed it down into the demons neck, severing the head from the body while simultaneously unleashing a psychic blast through the shield. "The Emperor...is....my shield!"

As if from some unseen signal, the forces rallied in the location of the Raven Guard scouts. Here there was a beacon placed and extraction was imminent. Thunderhawk gunships howled through the gathering darkness and burnt the ground as the pilots waited until the final moments to engage the retro thrusters. The surviving Raven Guard, Imperial Guard, and Space Wolves made their exit hurriedly and timely. The Renegade ritual was now at its peak as the very fabric of reality bent and began to warp. It tore suddenly and viciously, as all manner of beings stormed through the gateway, and at its centre, a deep rumbling laughter. A laughter that cut to the very soul of all that heard it. Blood for the Blood God indeed. CH22 had fallen, another world lost the taint of Chaos, whatever bodies were left behind, be they Ork, Human, or Astartes had surely fallen to be consumed by the ritual. Only time would tell what fate had befallen CH22 and what future gambits lie in wait for the Praxus system are unknown.

This is part 5 of 5 to an apocalypse game played between 6 players, written as a narrative to both make it easier to document and enhance the overall feel of the battle. The rest will be broken into 5 chapters, 1 per game turn and will include all the pictures of the battle as well. Enjoy it, we certainly did. - Scribed, written and embellished by my friend dmielken and posted originally on his blog Stalking Among Shadows