Converted Tau Crisis Suit Firestorms

Yeah I know there aren't many crisis suits on the internet that aren't converted but here are my 3 favourite that I had built.  I really tried to get rid of the static poses and you can tell the two in the background have stealthsuit legs (it gives them a hoof instead).  This is also how I ran my teams of 3 so that I could abuse wound allocation.  1 suit was a team leader with a twin linked missile pod and burst cannon, another with a missile pod and burst cannon, and a third with a tl missile pod and a flamer.  This way I could maximize the amount of 7-4 shots which is really the unit's strong suit in my opinion.  This is also the cheapest effective way to abuse wounds in my opinion since you can always be shooting 6 missile launchers and 6 burst cannon shots (the flamer isn't multi tracked and is just backup for 5 points).  Anyway I'm sure other people prefer fireknives but give these a try!