The lure of nurgle - to start an army

I started playing 40k back in 2007 and have gone through many armies since then.  The one that has always inspired me but I never felt skilled enough (or rich enough) to paint was nurgle.  5 years later I think it might be time.  I have so many projects on the go right now but I'm letting my impulse buys take over.  It's kind of cool to have a bunch of projects on the go and be able to pick which one to work on when you get bored of something.  Keeps it fresh.  I've actually been painting a lot lately since I have had 4 projects on the go simultaniously.  Between modelling, casting and painting I'm motivated to always be working on something.

What really started it?  I ordered a Chaos Warhound Titan 2 weeks ago.  Do I have a chaos army?  Nope!  But comparing the chaos one to the loyalist titan there seems to be no contest.  The details are just awesome on the chaos machine.  The loyalist one is smooth and plane and I think wouldn't be really fun to paint since it would just be an exercise in a steady airbrush hand. 

I have some tzeench daemon princes and 5 converted 1k sons terminator/oblits but I'm not feeling them anymore.  Hopefully I can find someone to trade me straight across for nurgle items.

I also REALLY like the blight drones and the plague hulk/defiler models.  Something about the half machine half daemon/rot models just looks cool and is an interesting thing to paint.  I'm looking forward to going through the IA masterclass books for rush and rot.   I'll probably stick to a plague hulk, blight drones, daemon prince and a squad of plague marines/terminators.  I can always supplement things in from other marine armies I have when playing; I just want the really unique stuff.

I guess time will tell but the warhound is definately purchased.  Just what the internet needs, another warhound blog :)