EotBS Painted Battlefleet

I've had these sitting on my desk since just after Christmas - no lie.  I got a friend into the game which inspired me to start but he's horribly unreliable to play games (very busy career and a wedding incoming) so I haven't gotten to play much.  There's been no motivation to finish these  until last night when I realized there were really only a couple hours of work left and I was tired of looking at them and having them in the way!

Painting these as far as colours are concerned was really inspired by my recent attempt to force myself to paint brighter colours.  I'm usually into the 'grim' of the grim dark 40k and don't like the cartoony colours but there is something to be said for bright colours at times.  They make a model pop.  I obviously didn't go overboard and make bright neon boats but these should stand out as a different style than my usual models. 
The battleship with shield generator also really lent itself to object source lighting so I got to play around with a blue glow from the generator.  Now that I have a battlefleet painted up maybe I'll finish the rest of the ships I have for these (3 gunships and 4 frigates) or the 4 squids.  We'll have to see I guess.  I don't want to make any commitments after this last 'chore' haha.  Then again painting seven ships will be a lot faster than painting 14 (including the two large battleships).


  1. There are a lot of "train" type colour schemes for the EotBS, so it's good to see something really different. Good job!
    I was thinking of some kind of bamboo scheme, given the oriental origins of the fleet. This is pretty close.

    1. Thanks, I was really trying to make these brigher than my normal models. The white balance is actually a bit off. I can't claim bamboo on the whole model. There's more of a zenital highlight to the top of the model and they look very bone coloured in my displace case on the top (pure denab stone).

    2. I want to stay as far away from train with these as a I can, the cruisers will probably never see play :)


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