Sanguinary Guard with Jump Pack

I played a game yesterday with  my Blood Angels and tried out a bunch of infantry which is pretty contrary to my usual playstyle.  Anyway I was inspired to make a sanguinary guard model with a jump pack and sat down, built and painted him in 2 evenings.  I usually paint in batches but it was very refreshing to just paint a single model and watch it come together so quickly.  A friend of mine ONLY paints this way even when doing squads and I can see the appeal.  I'm still going to do batch painting for the speed but it was a nice change.

This model is made using sanguinary guard legs, a death company backpack and shoulders and bits from the command squad sprue.  I painted the white by airbrushing astronomicon grey onto the entire model over a black undercoat followed by pure skull white on a 45 degree angle from above.  I line highlighted some badab black into the cracks and that was it.  The smoothest white I've ever done.  Maybe there isn't the same 'depth' I could accomplish using other methods but I don't think I'd ever do this another way.  The white looks so smooth I'll let actual nature run my highlights.  The zenital highlighting in person works well enough too.  The black on the jetpack is mig weathering poweder which works better than paint on white.  Now if only I could get proper white balance on my camera.


  1. Weathering worked out well on the jump pack exhaust. Also the white is good and smooth. I'll have to paint an apothecary and try the Grey Wash from vallejo. Something like that may be able to get the depth and definition in white without too much work.

    1. I get scared with a wash though. The white on the upper surfaces of this are true white so putting a wash will turn it grey and dirty. I'll let you see it in person. I think I'll trade artificial shading for smooth white since white is such a terrible colour.


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