Night Hawks Techmarine on Bike

Techmarine Thurion is is visible here astride his heavily modified bike.  The bike mounts powerful energy projectors which can focus on a distant point to deliver energy at devistating effect.  The rugged design of the bike required mounting apparatus for the weapon system with minimal moving parts which hampers the system's ability to converge on a single point with increasing proximity therefore the weapon reaches its most extreme potential with increasing range.  Thurion is no stranger to battle however he is more at peace tinkering with machines and does not stray without his servo arm. 
Although the servo arm may be an important tool in maintaining the machine spirit it has nevertheless been responsible for crushing the spirits of many a foe.
I built this guy with bits from the ravenguard sprue (which there are quite a few) and the chapterhouse techmarine kit.  The backpack is pretty cool and the kit actually comes with two backpacks, a conversion beamer and the servo arm so I could make this guy and another techmarine on foot.  My only regret is that there are no cool artificer armour bike legs out there.