Painted SM Jetbike Command Squad

Here's my command squad that I finished last week.  Took a while to post as I had some of those other projects creep in!  I converted all of these guys to have the same jetbikes as my librarian and captain.  Members of the 1st company deserve the best equipment.  I didn't really pay much attention to WYSIWYG load out on these guys because I don't really care.  I just went for a nice mix of different items that looked cool.  They do all have magnet attachments on the side though for speacial weapons. 

At full strength, the Chapter is made up of 9 companies. The 1st company is comprised of ninety veterans of the Chapter who ride Mars-pattern hover bikes in contrast to the standard tactical dreadnaught armour worn by codex chapter’s first companies. Captains of the Chapter’s companies form their command squads from members of the 1st as opposed to members of their own companies. Veterans of the company can best prove their worth and learn first hand those skills which may someday be required if their station rises to that of captain.

At the time when I put this guy together I didn't have any spare apothecary bits so I had to make my own.  In hindsight I wish I had the proper bits but it's too late now.  The narthecium is made from a missile from the devestator sprue I believe (was a three pack of missiles) and then attached to a thunder hammer cable.  I attached an IG medic pack to his hip for all of his gear (and to store precious progenoid gland).  Realistically the white will speak to his status more than his gear anyway.  This white was done differently than my sanguinary guard as it was done after the bike was painted green.  I layered on a coat of adeptus battlegrey, washed with badab black then painted battlegrey followed by 3 coats of very watered down white staying higher and higher on the model so that it darkens toward the recesses. 

I've played these guys so far using 4 plasma guns and they're pretty expensive but being able to unleash 8 shots in rapid fire is pretty awesome on the right target.